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Article Of Incorporation Process To Register A Business

Affordable online Incorporation process at a fraction of cost.  Save hundreds in legal fees.


this online incorporation service is discontinued at this time

Article of incorporation process can be affordable. You'll save hundreds of dollars in legal fees when you register a business yourself. Online Incorporation is fast and easy from legal forms, minutes book and seal to registration. You can do it all yourself, really!

You need proof of self employment

When getting a mortgage proof of self employment is a must.

Mortgages for small business owners have special features and at the minimum, you must register your business as proprietorship to qualify.

How to register a business ?

Clients frequently ask " should I Incorporate or just register a business ? " I prefer Incorporation as you'll get a better tax structure and liability protection. 

Unfortunately, often clients think that incorporating a business is not within their means when starting a small business. Outrageous legal fees charged by lawyers prevent start-up business owners from Incorporating their business.

To get started, they just register a business proprietorship. But in doing so, right off the bat they deny themselves the benefits of a corporate structure.

Plus, if you run a business and you are NOT Incorporated, you run the risk of losing all of your personal assets. You are a lightening rod for being sued personally should someone want to sue your business.

This is important -- INCORPORATE !

Banks and "A" Lenders pay us for your service. EXCEPT bad credit mortgages, some self employed mortgages, private mortgages or multi-use and commercial loans - broker fees are payable by clients. 

*Lenders change their products and interest rates without notice.