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axcess mortgage and loans financing co. ltd. 


COVID-19 SERVICE: STAY SAFE - at Axcess Mortgage and Loans Financing Ltd. Co. we take this emergency seriously, while providing you with dedicated service. Our mortgage approvals are easy.  Apply on line for your mortgage in Hamilton or throughout Ontario. Documents and signatures can be handled electronically and by email from the comfort of your home, keeping you safe. 

axcess mortgage and loans financing co ltd since 2000 - mortgage brokers hamilton Ontario

Axcess Mortgage and Loans Financing Co. Ltd., mortgage brokers Hamilton Ontario serving clients throughout Ontario. We will save you time and money.

Our mortgage approvals are easy - we are mobile and most of the work is done on-line and by phone taking the red tape bureaucracy out of your mortgage application process. 

You can apply on line for your mortgage Hamilton and Ontario. Documents and signatures could be handled by fax or email saving you the trouble of needless personal appointments. 

We're your home mortgage company Hamilton and wherever you live in Ontario.

Your mortgage options can save you money or cost you money

we love helping families who need a mortgage !

how to get your pre approved mortgage - NEW PHONE # 905-537-8815

Interview with Paul Hammond,  -

The mortgage financing Hamilton ON video below was created in 2011. Since that time, lenders no longer offer 40 year amortization. We can still offer 35 year amortization up to 80% of property value.

Hamilton mortgage broker, Marie Copeland, Burlington Mortgage Broker Canada, owner of Axcess Mortgage and Loans Financing Co. Ltd. and a Financial Services Underwriter. FSCO No M08002528

Knowledge plus 20 years of experience counts. I quickly assess and fine tune your information and send it to the right lender for a fast approval. Visit about Marie Copeland, mortgage brokers in Hamilton Ontario to see how mortgage knowledge and experience gives you a financial edge.

Why use a mortgage broker? No matter whether you're buying a new house, a swanky condo or a rental property, or getting a first time home buyers mortgage, it'is one of the biggest investments you will make. A private mortgage broker works for you not the banks, saving you time and money.

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Here is what doc William had to say -- I'm a new family doctor, with thousands of dollars in student loans. I was in a difficult financial situation and would have been turned down had I gone directly to the bank. Wil --


  • Private mortgages

    Private mortgages in Ontario. Turned down by the banks? Ask us for private lender mortgage help to buy a home, refinance home mortgage or to consolidate debt.

  • Private Mortgage Lenders

    Private mortgage lenders interest only home mortgage help to buy a home, refinance home equity mortgage or for consolidation loans for bad credit.

  • Interest only home mortgage help

    Interest only home mortgage help to rebuild financially. Restructure and save with top consolidation loans and a second mortgage from private mortgage lenders.


What's A best mortgage. what should you look for?

Ideally, you want a right blend of best interest rates and a best contract.

The financing must be the right fit for you. But in my opinion, only the best mortgage lenders offer ideal blend of competitive interest rates, best exit penalty and fine print, flexible terms and helpful service to my clients after the mortgage closes. 

You'll get the knowledge needed to make the right decisions

If you're frustrated wasting your time going from bank to bank shopping for a mortgage - - could we be your perfect answer?

-- Marie Copeland was able to not only find a lender, but get me a great mortgage rate. We would've been lost without her help. Her commitment and work ethic were outstanding. Wil --

You deserve an expert to assess and present your information to the lender accurately. There is no need for you to struggle through volumes of details, trying to understand all the mundane qualifying requirements - the different offers, rates, terms, features and hype.

New mortgage features and options are being introduced every day. You are too busy with work and family to try and figure out which is your best solution.

More from doc William -- I'm now keeping in touch with Marie Copeland for ongoing advice regarding my credit worthiness so that I'll be able to continue getting great mortgage financing in the future. Wil --

That's where I come in -- Marie Copeland, Hamilton mortgage broker. You won’t be disappointed.

You get it all in one place

Mortgage Stoney Creek to mortgage loan Oakville debt consolidation or mortgage lender Burlington ON - you get it all in one place.

One hour with me will make a huge difference in the strength of your application. You won't have to worry whether or not your mortgage will be approved.

You'll get expertise and access to mortgage products from more than 20 lenders to find the right mortgage product for you, virtually the entire Ontario lending market -- ranging from "A" applications to those with bad credit. We can also get you home mortgage insurance with every mortgage approval which is independent from lenders.

Contact Marie Copeland to improve your chances of getting the right financing

Like many of my clients, you'll enjoy fast solutions, even if at first your situation appears impossible. We do all the work - all you have to do is to provide me with the documents needed.

Call 905.537.8815, or

Banks and "A" Lenders pay us for your service. EXCEPT bad credit mortgages, some self employed mortgages, private mortgages or multi-use and commercial loans - broker fees are payable by clients. 

*Lenders change their products and interest rates without notice.

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