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how to get best mortgage rates in canada ?


How to get best mortgage rates Canada ? It's all in the buying power with our lenders. Axcess Mortgage and Loans Financing Co. Ltd. joins a coalition of independent Canadian mortgage brokers (brokerages) and strengthens our position in the mortgage lending marketplace. 

As a group, this gives us more than $3 billion in annual mortgage placement volume with Canadian mortgage lenders through the mortgage broker channel. That is huge!

how much down payment do i need and still get best mortgage rates ?

* 5% down mortgage minimum down payment Hamilton ON and throughout Ontario. Low down payment mortgage: Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau made the announcement that the minimum down payment for houses will increase effective Feb. 15, 2016. To see the full announcement, please watch the video by clicking here.

This will not affect current homeowners. Butall new mortgages made after Feb. 15, 2016 will require a minimum down payment of 5% on the first $500,000, and an added 10% down payment on the amount over $500,000.

So a home costing $700,000 would require a $45,000 down payment - 5% on the first $500,000 and 10% on the remaining $200,000.

Best mortgage rates canada lenders

How do you get best mortgage rates in Canada?

Broker channel lenders offer best mortgage rates Canada consumers based on the overall volume of mortgages placed by the brokerages.

This goes to show that they will do their best to find money to share with best clients. To get top Canadian mortgage rates discounts for our clients, we and a number of independent Ontario brokerages teamed up together and as a group approached our broker channel lenders with our combined volume of mortgage placement, negotiating deals for you.

Retail lenders such as banks -- your typical brick and mortar financial institutions, have long relied on the fact that the consumer thinks their bank will take care of them. Many, of our clients have long realized that is not true. Your bank may dribble bits and pieces of offerings to keep you with them but this does not mean that the whole picture is in your best interest.

Broker channel lenders, on the other hand rely on delivery of business from the mortgage brokerage community. They don't have a store front at every corner with hundreds of sales force to pay. This saves them millions of dollars in overhead. Thousands of mortgage brokerages bring in the business through the mortgage broker channel.

We work for our clients to get you the best rate and contract that your financial resume demands. We work with many different residential lenders to find the right mortgage for you. As independent mortgage brokers our focus is to do what's right for you! We always look for Canadian interest rates opportunities for our 'A' clients who deserve the best.

As financial professionals, we're able to look at your whole picture -- best of all, on approved credit, our service to you is free. The lenders pay us for your 'A' business.

We're always looking for ways to save our clients money. By teaming up as a coalition, we have gone to our lenders negotiating interest rates discounts based on our combined volume of business -- billions of dollars in mortgage volume each year. 

While not all lenders felt generous, several broker channel lenders are in, offering best mortgage rates Canada markets 'A' clients. We pass our best Canadian interest rates discounts onto you. Why not contact us with your mortgage needs -- you won't be disappointed.

Banks and "A" Lenders pay us for your service. EXCEPT bad credit mortgages, some self employed mortgages, private mortgages or multi-use and commercial loans - broker fees are payable by clients. 

*Lenders change their products and interest rates without notice.

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