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Contact Consumer Proposal Consultants

This is your direct contact to Consumer Proposal Consultants if you don't own a home


Contact Consumer Proposal Consultants using the form below if you DO NOT OWN A HOME. They will custom design a strategy to reduce your unsecured debt to a minimum, even as low as 30 cents on a dollar.

IF YOU OWN A HOME contact Marie Copeland, Mortgage Broker FIRST. I will assess your situation to see if a consumer proposal mortgage and debt help to protect your home can be an option. It's important to take steps to ensure that you don't lose your home, while meeting the legal creditor requirements.

Sometimes your debt problems can be solved with just our debt consolidation services and a second mortgage.

If a consumer proposal mortgage is the right option a poor credit mortgage is ideal to raise money for a lump sum settlement. Once competed, your file can be forwarded to Debt Consultants to assess your consumer proposal options.

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Consumer proposal mortgage and home equity loans with bad credit to protect your home.

If you DO NOT own a home, please describe your situation using the form below to contact us. 

The process is SIMPLE, non-confrontational and very discreet.

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