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Are you making only minimum payments on your credit cards?

Eliminate credit card debts with Canada debt consolidation loan by cashing out tax free equity in your home. Credit card debt is big problem and most people who have a credit card typically carry a balance over the years.

The interest rate on a credit card balance is usually between 8-26%. These high interest rates make it difficult for you to pay down the debt -- especially if you're only making minimum payments.

Did you know? ... that if you carried even a small balance over a decade while making minimum payments only -- during these 10 years you'll have paid thousands of dollars in interest and service charges. This is what makes getting out of debt so difficult.


Look for a box on your credit card statement that will show how long it will take to pay off your balance if you just make minimum payments. You'll be shocked to see that often it can take 25 years or more!

There will also be another section on your statement that will show you how much interest you will pay by only making the minimum payments over that 25 year period. In most cases you will pay more than DOUBLE the price of the original purchase on a credit card with a 18-26% interest rate. This is not an option when you're trying to get out of debt.

Eliminate credit card debts with a home equity debt consolidation loan your but don't get rid all of your credit cards completely as you need revolving credit to be credit worthy. I suggest one or two credit cards with a limit of $2,000 - $3,000 each. Use your credit cards each month paying off your balances before the due date -- this will end your debt problems.

If your situation before debt consolidation was so bad that your creditors closed down all of your credit cards, you will need a secured credit card to rebuild your credit.

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It's nice to have lots of equity in your home but if you have debt problems, it's better to put this cash to work for you. Need a consolidation debt home improvement loan ? It makes good sense to get some of your tax free equity cash out to pay off your expensive debt combined with home renovation loans. Or, use the savings to pay down the mortgage faster.

How does debt consolidation work ? 

Your choice! Pay 3.29% or under or up to 26% - Get tax free cash fast.

How to reduce debt ? If you have equity in your home you can reduce debt, or get out of debt completely and improve your cash-flow with a home equity debt consolidation loan.

Take a look below how clients eliminate credit card debts by cashing out some tax free equity in their home. Both are retired with good pension income and although overextended and struggling to keep up with minimum payments, their credit score was still acceptable for a lowest refinance home equity mortgage interest rate. They saved $1,760 a month after debt consolidation.

Eliminate credit card debts using the equity in your home.jpgEliminate credit card debt and improve your cash flow. The savings are significant! Rates used for calculations are as at 2015 and are subject to change at anytime.

Here is a quick debt help tip:

While debt consolidation help can set you free, you can potentially make things even better.

Call your credit card company and ask if they will settle for a lower payout amount if you get them paid out quickly.

This won’t always work, but if you have been late with your payments and your credit score is dropping, they may be willing to work with you and try to get anything they can. It does not hurt to try and it does not cost anything. The worst they can do is say no.

Once your Canada debt consolidation loan to eliminate credit card debts is done, create a realistic monthly budget that allows you to live within your means -- plus, put aside a little extra money for unexpected or future expenses or emergencies.

You can eliminate credit card debts even if you have credit problems

The weight dragging you down might be the maxed-out cards in your wallet. It's never too late to start losing the weight by cashing out the equity in your home.

Even if you have bad credit we have lenders that say YES. If you have sufficient equity in your home, you can get out of debt and and improve your cash-flow with the help of bad credit home loans or private lenders -- our home equity loan approvals get you money fast, to use as you need, using alternate lenders or private mortgages. 

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