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Second Mortgage Info To Get Money Fast


2nd mortgages for the credit challenged

Second mortgage info to give you a fresh start. Private mortgage lenders help can get you the money you need fast. If you have income or credit problems your best debt consolidation loans will come from private mortgage lenders who can be more flexible. They offer interest only home loans including first mortgages and interest only 2nd mortgage Hamilton and Ontario.

2nd mortgages Ontario

Our private lenders in Ontario Canada get you money fast even if you have bad credit. Whether you're looking for second mortgages Burlington to Oakville and Toronto, Niagara and beyond, you have come to the right place.

second-mortgage-info.jpgSecond mortgage info to get you money fast.

how to get a second mortgage with bad credit?

Reader sends us a second mortgage info request:  can I get a second mortgage after a year in proposal ? This is a dual question but here you go:

  • Yes, private bad credit lenders offer second mortgage loans for people with bad credit.
  • If you have been discharged from a consumer proposal and you have equity in your home, the short answer is YES. Private mortgage lenders -- second mortgage lenders look at your income to make sure you can make mortgage payments, quality of the area and your home, value of the property, how much equity is available now and how much equity will be left over once the second mortgage is in place.

Private 2nd mortgage while in proposal in Ontario

  • If you are still in a consumer proposal but you have enough equity in your home, have a good job and able to carry the monthly payments on your first and second mortgage, your consumer proposal trustee as well as the private lenders may say YES.

If the Trustee has an interest in your property but there is enough equity and income as described above, the private lender can pay off the consumer proposal debt first and you get the leftover money after fees.

  • If your Trustee confirms in writing that they have no interest in your home, then the lender may give you a second private mortgage leaving the consumer proposal in place. Again, enough equity will be needed and you must be able to make payments on the first and second mortgage lenders financing. So, yes it is possible to get a 2nd mortgage while in proposal in Ontario.
  • Sometimes if there is lots of equity in your home and there is a good exit strategy down the road, the private mortgage lender may agree to add the monthly payments to the mortgage amount.

In the nutshell, yes you can get a second mortgage after a year in proposal from second mortgage lenders and 2nd mortgage while in proposal in Ontario.

2nd mortgages and secured credit card to repair credit

Private first mortgages and 2nd mortgages Ontario for the credit challenged are a good short term finance option to end credit card debt and improving your credit score. Once your credit is repaired, you'll qualify for lower interest rate residential mortgages.

While you're fixing your cash flow add a secured credit card who reports your file to the credit bureau on a monthly basis to begin your good credit history. You can get a secured visa application here

Second mortgage info -- how private lenders can be useful

Private 2nd mortgage lenders Ontario Canada are a powerful source of money -- they can be more creative and flexible than institutional lenders. 

How can "second mortgage" help:

  • Debt consolidation help to reduce debt
  • Second mortgages Hamilton for home renovations
  • Financing a Car
  • Major Investments
  • Second properties like a Cottage or Rental property
  • Cars, boats & RVs
  • University education
  • Outstanding taxes to Revenue Canada
  • ...and many more!

Here is more private second mortgage info:

  • This money carries higher interest rates than 1st mortgages.
  • There are also fewer options available for this money compared to first mortgages, with many institutional lenders not offering them at all.
  • Private lenders the only source of 2nd mortgages for the credit challenged.

When should you consider private second mortgages?

2nd mortgage Hamilton can be your ideal option when:

  • the cost of refinancing the first mortgage is greater than the cost of putting a secondary financing in place.
  • you have a long term low interest rate on the first mortgage that will end up being higher after refinancing.
  • you have a down turn in your credit report score range that will increase the rate of interest on your new mortgage if it was refinanced.
  • you have a short term financing need that is going to be paid off relatively quickly or you can match the alternative mortgage financing repayment to your 1st mortgage repayment time line.
  • you need bad credit debt help to take equity out using private lending as a lump sum consumer proposal mortgage or a Bankruptcy.

Private money lenders

Private mortgage lenders go beyond the banks.

In the 2nd mortgage Hamilton residential mortgage market, private mortgage lenders fund a large number of seconds. This is due to the strength of the underlying security and lack of bank financing for people with poor or bad credit.

Are second mortgage home loans suitable for you ?

Are second mortgage lenders Ontario Canada a best solution in your situation? Why not call me for a free assessment of your options. If second mortgages and private money lenders make the most sense, then I’ll get you set up with a plan that best meet your needs and to improve your credit. 

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Interest only home mortgage + consumer proposal mortgage and secured visa gives a woman a fresh start.

Private mortgage lenders say YES when everyone else says NO.

Second mortgages and secured credit card is the best way to repair credit. Ask me for a private home loan Hamilton strategy ideal for you.

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Banks and "A" Lenders pay us for your service. EXCEPT bad credit mortgages, some self employed mortgages, private mortgages or multi-use and commercial loans - broker fees are payable by clients. 

*Lenders change their products and interest rates without notice.

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