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For some book and product reviews, we may have received a free copy of the book or product prior to review. This does not affect the type of review we provide, except that we only post reviews on books and products we feel would help the financial situation of our visitors.

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We do accept advertising on our website.  The ads must meet our editorial guidelines which include:

  • Ads must be on topic and of interest to our visitors
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  • Payment for ads must be made in advance and via PayPal.

Ad rates are:

  • Single ad, you select the page, $250 per year
  • Same ad, multiple pages, $225 per year, per page
  • Same ad, 10 highest traffic pages,  $175 per month total; paid quarterly
  • Same ad, sitewide (over 125 pages), $250 per month total; paid quarterly

If the above meets with your approval, please contact us.

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