Rental Property Mortgage for real estate tycoons

Mortgage rental property Solutions when you don't fit the primes, the banks

Rental property mortgage loans for real estate for budding or seasoned real estate tycoons. If this is you, we have good news. The sub prime mortgage broker Canada investment property financing goes beyond the banks!

Growing rental property assets, one investment property mortgage at a time

Welcome to Axcess sub prime mortgage buzz dedicated to alternative mortgage financing. We deliver traditional bank rental property financing for up to 4 rental property loans and/or rental properties through traditional mortgage lending. Visit for mortgages for rental properties on our prime side of business or submit your application here. We will figure it out!




Rental property mortgage investors are often frustrated that the banking system is not too investment friendly. First, depending on the condition and location of the rental property loans premises, you need 20% down, or more, with a loan to purchase rental property. To refinance, the most you will get is 75% of the rental property value.

But the biggest hurdle is that the banks will only fund up to four rental doors, under their residential rental program. What does this mean for you the budding real estate tycoon? If you want to grow your investment assets discover sub prime mortgage rental property financing.

Working side by side with rental property loans investors

You asked. The alternative mortgage financing market delivered. Meet the new residential rental property mortgage for up to 8 rental doors.

8 residential investment property financing units

A NEW sub prime mortgage lender offering helping you grow rental property assets. They will fund  up 4 additional rental property loans, increasing your residential investment property financing portfolio to 8 doors.

  • You already own/have 4 rental property financing with banks or other alternative mortgage lenders,
  • Now you can now add 4 more mortgages for rental properties for a total of 8 rental properties in your residential portfolio, without having to deal with the complicated commercial financing requirements,
  • Fully residential real estate financing for single home (1 rental door), duplex (2 rental doors), triplex (3 rental doors) or 4-plex (4 rental doors.)

Now you can get residential mortgages for rental properties for up to 8 rental doors in your portfolio. 


Questions? Let Us give you A Mortgage Assessment & Options

Not every rental property mortgage loan is the same 

How to qualify for mortgage rental property? Every situation is unique and varies from good to bad credit, whether or not you have proven income or your application falls into the no proof of income loans mortgage loans for self employed category.

Maybe you need short term financing to buy, renovate and re-sell. This is where private real estate loans are most suitable. 

Every income property as well as your credit is evaluated on individual basis. Even if you have credit problems or your circumstances are a little outside of the box, the alternative mortgage lenders may still offer you investment property financing, at a bit higher interest rate.

If you need a loan to purchase a rental property, or to refinance one, and the property is rural or on well and septic, the maximum you will get is 65% of property value. If you can't come up with your own 35% down payment then getting private mortgage lenders help to top off some difference maybe an option.

investment property financing solutions that work

  • Investment property mortgage investors who don't fit traditional bank lending, including those who have already reached the 4 door rental limit with traditional lenders,
  • Suitable for salaried, mortgage loans for self employed or commissioned borrowers that don't meet traditional bank requirements,
  • Rental mortgage loans with bad credit problems due to justifiable circumstances,
  • Refinancing with Canada Revenue Agency debts owing which will be paid from advance of funds as part of the investment property financing,
  • Rental property financing can be registered in a Corporation name, holding company with borrower's personal guarantee,
  • Sub prime lenders have regional lending areas. Generally, no further than 15 kilometers from large urban centres over 100,000 population. Small towns with over 35,000 population. Maximum lending amount in small towns is 65%.

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Private mortgage lenders support rental property financing. First position (1st private mortgage) private mortgage lending is a good rental property loans option when banks or alternative mortgage financing is not viable. Private mortgage loans are good short term solutions as self employed mortgage loans or mortgage loans with bad credit. Often investors needing a rental property mortgage just want short term help. They need a loan to purchase rental property, fix it up and sell or rent it to help them refinance with a sub prime lender. This is where private money lenders shine.

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