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A reader needing private mortgages St Catharines says -- Get me out of debt! I have bad credit and need a broker to consolidate my bills Hamilton or Niagara region. Private consolidation loans ways to pay off debt is a common use of private mortgages Niagara Falls or anywhere in Ontario.

Debt consolidation loans bad credit are a specialty for private hard money lenders. 

Still struggling with reducing credit card debt? Best private mortgage lenders in Ontario give you credit debt help and solutions for fast credit card debt relief. Plus, it's a good way to improve your cashflow and credit score ranking.

What is a second mortgage and how does it help me?

Consider the two strategies below using private consolidation loans from hard money lenders in Canada:

Changing the thinking about private mortgage loans. what's in it for me ?

Private mortgage lending can be more flexible, creative and fast. Your benefits are many!

Private mortgage lenders for bad credit are a powerful source of first, interest only second mortgages Ontario wide, when you need to resolve a serious money problem quickly. You get the money you need fast as long as you have enough equity in your home, your property is marketable and you have the ability to make the mortgage payments.

  • Debt consolidation loans bad credit for paying credit card debt is a good use of private money lenders Canada. In fact, private mortgage lending ways to pay off debt when you have credit problems is common. In most cases, an interest only second mortgage is registered behind an existing first, giving you tax free money for paying multiple credit card debt and other loans. You end up with one lower mortgage payment saving hundreds of dollars a month or more,
  • Private equity lenders are often used for paying off property and CRA tax arrears,
  • Sometimes home refinance vs home purchase, is a cost effective option. Using private mortgage lending as a home remodel loan is another popular use of private mortgage loans. Getting fast money for improving your home for personal enjoyment or to get the home ready for sale and get more money makes perfect sense,
  • Private lenders for bad credit are also used for construction projects, quick closing for investment loan to purchase rental property, commercial property financing or building types not supported by the banks, etc.,
  • You get tax free cash to use for whatever you need. The savings can be many and big!

Once your term with private hard money mortgage lenders ends and you have resolved your problems, refinancing a home mortgage takes you back to AAA or alternative mortgage financing side of lending at a lower cost.


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Who are the private money lenders ?

Private money mortgage lenders Hamilton and Ontario wide, often called hard money lenders Canada, are investors often small ones -- either individuals or a pool of two or more private lenders. Private lenders Ontario wide mostly use their savings or borrow money against the equity in their own homes to re-lend their money.

Private mortgage lenders for bad credit have grown in numbers over the years as private real estate loans are viewed as more secure than stock market investing. Hard money lenders in Canada with available capital reserves, especially ordinary older investors who use the private mortgage loans earnings to fund their retirement, want to hold shorter positions or turn their money over more frequently, making them a good fit for private mortgage loans.

Getting private mortgages in Ontario is one of the best ways to rebuild financially when you need money or have credit problems.

Why is private mortgage lending more expensive than banks ?

´╗┐Clients ask why is private mortgage lending more expensive than banks -- but is it when everyone else said NO? ... or when the poor credit score home loans are used as private consolidation loans ways to pay off debt, saving you hundreds of dollars a month or, as a down payment on mortgages for rental properties helping you grow your investment assets, and more?

  • A private money lender is not insured like the banks, mortgage companies, credit unions or alternative mortgage lenders. If there is default on the mortgage, the private mortgage lenders risk losing some or all of their money. This risk is calculated into the cost of private mortgage lending,
  • Private hard money lenders keep their money in some kind of security until you submit your application. When considering your mortgage application, they calculate their cost of cashing out their existing investment and their tax obligations on that money,
  • Taxes eat up a big chunk out of private money earnings. The income made on your mortgage is added to the income the private money lender earns on your private mortgage loans and this income is taxed, often at as much as 50%.

Private mortgage lenders for bad credit in Ontario take an uninsured risk and their earnings are taxed at a higher tax bracket.

Why use private mortgage lenders for bad credit ?

Even if you have bad credit, private money lenders may still lend you money as long as you have a job and equity in your home. If you're short on equity but have another property or a family member can put up equity in their home, interest only second mortgage loans can be placed over both properties to get you the amount of money needed.

If you have equity in your home and the ability to make payments, private mortgage lenders say YES when everyone else said NO.

Marie Copeland FSU, mortgage brokers Hamilton and Ontario wide giving you private money lender help.

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*Lenders change their products and interest rates regularly and without notice. Check with us for updates.

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