how to Refinance Home Mortgage Bad Credit

is it worth refinancing mortgage right now?

Judy with credit problems in Ancaster finds refinance home mortgage bad credit challenging. She's not a fan of all the financial lingo and confusing numbers. She needs mortgage refinancing in Hamilton area with easy to understand home mortgage loan information to help her get on a right path. Hmmm...

refinance mortgage for bad credit is easy working with Hamilton mortgage brokers 

Can I refinance mortgage bad credit, rebuild financially?.. It's easier than you think!

Is it worth refinancing mortgage right now? Yes.

Are you thinking refinance home mortgage bad credit is a bit challenging?.. don't worry, we'll make the process fast and easy and save you money too! As your mortgage brokers Hamilton and Ontario wide we deal with many non-bank alternative mortgage lenders. They are experts in providing custom fit home refinance with bad credit mortgage solutions to help you.

How to refinance mortgage with bad credit? We'll make the process easy.


First, let me tell you that every situation I see is unique. With over 25 years in the business I still get new problems to resolve, who would have thought, right? Every client has their special needs that require a custom fit home refinance with bad credit strategy -- often these are some of the bad credit refinancing questions they ask:

  • Can you use a mortgage to pay off debt?
  • Is it better to consolidate debt into mortgage?
  • How do I refinance my home if I am self-employed?
  • Can I get a mortgage without proof of Income?
  • How can I get a renovation loan with bad credit?

How to refinance home mortgage bad credit, get Hamilton Debt Solutions Ontario wide

How to be debt free? Can you use a mortgage to pay off debt? Yes.

My client Jackson is wondering is it better to consolidate debt into mortgage? He needs bad credit loans Hamilton area. He has a good paying job in manufacturing, but life happened and now his credit is damaged. He's not keeping up with even the minimum payments on his debts and owes money to CRA who are chasing him for payment. Banks will not refinance mortgage with bad credit or pay off CRA arrears. Jackson is looking for debt help in Hamilton area, needs money to clear his taxes and a little extra in his pocket. He wants to improve his credit score ranking and get a fresh start. He fits a bad credit score mortgage up to 80% at higher home mortgage refinancing rates than he's been paying with a bank. He will use his new shorter term refinance home mortgage bad credit opportunity to make good life changes. In three years he hopes to qualify for mortgage at lower interest rates.

  • Creditor calls stopped
  • Jackson saves hundreds of dollars a month, improves his cash flow and credit score ranking.

How do i refinance my home if i am self-employed?

´╗┐Kevin bought his house in Stoney Creek five years ago. At that time he worked for a lumber company and his credit was good. He was able to qualify for mortgage with 5% down.

Three years ago his company down sized and Kevin lost his job, sound familiar? Given his carpentry skills, he decided to try his luck at being self employed, running his small business from his garage. As many small business start ups go, until their cash flow gets stable, the credit score takes a beating. Business is getting better now but his past year's income was a bit low. The bank he dealt with for years just turned him down for debt consolidation Stoney Creek. He felt shocked the bank would not go to bat for him.

Can I get a mortgage without proof of Income? Yes.

Kevin needs a refinance mortgage for self employed or bad credit loans Hamilton. He is searching for mortgage broker Stoney Creek to give him debt help in Hamilton with a no proof of income mortgage loan. He needs to cash-out some home equity to put a bit of money into his fast growing business too. Thankfully, he has good home equity to access for the money he needs. Kevin needs a refinance home mortgage bad credit. We got him a no income verification refinance home equity mortgage loan for small business owners, custom-fit to meet his business growth needs. 

Can you refinance mortgage for renovations?

Andy and Loretta landed on our website searching for mortgage broker in Ancaster area. They need to get money for improving their home. Right now their best options are bad credit loans in Hamilton area or some form of refinance mortgage for renovations for bad credit. With rising property values in recent years Andy and Loretta's home has grown in value but three years ago Loretta got sick and lost her job. She's back working now but their credit is damaged and the bank turned them down. Their house is too big now and they would do well by downsizing.

How can I get a renovation loan with bad credit? Contact us.

To get the best sale price they need to do some home renovating, especially upgrade the kitchen and bathroom. A home refinance with bad credit is a perfect home renovation loan giving them money needed for improving their home plus some extra for paying credit card debt. In a year, they will sell and downsize ending up with a much smaller mortgage that they can afford. 

Wondering how to refinance home mortgage bad credit? Why not give us a call to get a free mortgage assessment of your options.

If you have equity in your home, there are refinance mortgage bad credit solutions available to you, ranging from bad credit score mortgage to private bad credit lenders providing flexible home mortgage for bad credit solutions including interest only second mortgage Hamilton or nearby Burlington, Stoney Creek, Ancaster or Dundas and the Golden Horseshoe areas.

Are you overwhelmed and need debt help in Hamilton or Ontario wide ? Don't delay. Stop creditor calls and damage. Get bad credit mortgage refinance debt help. 

Marie Copeland FSU, Mortgage broker Hamilton here to answer your mortgage questions how to refinance mortgage with bad credit.

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