Home Renovation Loan for improving your home

Can I use home loan money for renovations?

Getting a home renovation loan for improving your home by refinancing a home mortgage is a win! Refinancing for home improvement fits just about every type of home equity mortgage, good or bad credit, all income types including hard money loans from private mortgage lenders. Bonus, refinance for renovation is tax free. Home improvement mortgage Canada is worth considering!

Home refinance vs home purchase

Instead of trying to find that elusive dream home at an outrageous price you can create your own dream home at a fraction of the cost with a refinancing for home improvement home equity mortgage loan. 


Is a brand new kitchen reno in your plans? 

"Why wait till you can afford a new home that has all your 'must haves', when you can create your perfect home now at a fraction of the cost, with home repair loans..."

Let's walk through few ideal home equity mortgage loan options to help you cash out some home equity to make that new dream kitchen happen. Improving your home with equity home refinance mortgage Hamilton or throughout Ontario is the least expensive home remodel loan you can get. 

With today's high property values buying a new home is not affordable for many home owners. This may be because they have credit problems or their income is not high enough to qualify for mortgage at current house prices. Why not consider a home renovation loan improving your home and property value. Read below:

  • Can you use mortgage for home improvements?
  • Can you refinance if you are self employed?
  • How can I get a renovation loan with bad credit?
  • Can you take out a second mortgage for home improvements? 

Questions? Let Us give you A Mortgage Assessment & Options

Refinancing for home improvement up to 80%

Can you use mortgage for home improvements? Yes.

When you don't fit the bank real estate financing then your next best option are non-bank alternative mortgage lenders. A most cost effective and best home equity loan is a refinance to renovate home option that fits your application. And, the money you get is tax free. Let take a look at improving your home with home equity mortgage loan options.

Can I use home loan money for renovations? Yes.

Damian and Mary were looking for a mortgage broker Ancaster area. They both have good credit and salaried income. But, with the high home prices, they want to refinance for renovation instead of selling their home. They want to upgrade the kitchen and bathrooms and get a new roof. Just a bit short on income to qualify for mortgage amount needed, their bank turned them down.

This is where the best home equity loan may be their best option to get the job done!


Can you refinance if you are self employed? Yes.

Jacob a contractor with good credit got turned down by his bank for a mortgage with self employed income. He needs a best no proof of income mortgage Canada lenders offer. Jacob has lots of equity in his home and wants to do a small addition to his house. He was searching for a mortgage broker Stoney Creek or mortgage broker Welland area. We got him home renovation financing with mortgages for business owners, the typical no proof of income loans.

How can I get a renovation loan with bad credit? Contact us.

Helka a teacher with salaried income just got out of a common-law separation with bruised credit. She is working towards rebuilding her life financially and needs some form of equity home repair loans to replace the roof and windows on her house. She searched online for Oakville mortgage broker or loan for bad credit Burlington and reached this site submitting an application. She decided on home loans with bad credit to access the tax free equity in her home.

Can you take out a second mortgage for home improvements? Yes.

Carl in Milton with hourly income and home equity, searched for hard money lenders Toronto area. He's been discharged from a consumer proposal a couple of years ago and understands private mortgage lenders GTA area are his best bet until his credit score is rebuilt. Carl is improving his home to increase its value for sale. His existing first mortgage is at a good interest rate so refinancing a home mortgage is not an option. Searching online for second mortgage Burlington he landed on our site and submitted an application. Interest only second mortgage was the right mortgage solution to meet his short term needs.

The home renovation loans using home equity mortgage loans offer endless possibilities. Contact Marie Copeland FSU, Hamilton mortgages. Serving Ontario from Niagara home equity loan approvals to northern GTA and Ottawa areas. 

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