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No Income Verification Mortgages For the Self Employed

No proof of income mortgage (No Cra tax returns) is alternative mortgage financing 

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Banks and "A" Lenders pay us for your service. EXCEPT bad credit mortgages, some self employed mortgages, private mortgages or multi-use and commercial loans - broker fees are payable by clients. Lenders change their products and interest rates without notice.

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Marie Copeland @AxcessMortgage

NO Income verification mortgages or no proof of income loans on CRA tax returns are exceptional for small business owners. You can buy or refinance real estate even if you can't show enough income on your tax returns or have poor credit. It's also a good rental property mortgage for the self employed and everyone who does not qualify for bank and "A" financing. 

so, what is a no proof of income mortgage ?

This market segment is serviced by alternative mortgage lenders, not the banks. The NO INCOME verification mortgages lenders DO NOT ask for traditional proof of income such as your CRA Notice of Assessment to determine income. Depending on the circumstances, they may ask for your Notice of Assessment but only to ensure that you don't owe personal taxes.

To prove you earn enough to qualify, they rely on your business bank statements showing sufficient deposits and invoices. You'll need your Business Registration or Articles of Incorporation.

With mortgage loan no proof of income, the quality of your credit will determine your interest rate and how much money the lender will give you.

The equity lenders for business owner no income verification mortgages focus on the quality of the property, location and property marketability.

Here is what one of our mortgage loan no proof of income clients had to say:

-- Marie is a "Pro" when it comes to helping the self employed with a no proof of income mortgages, she is the best Mortgage Broker you can use !!! I use her for all my own, my family's and clients' mortgage needs. DB --

No income verification mortgages lenders don't want some areas

Some areas are viewed as not very marketable. These include some downtown areas where homes and commercial buildings have shown signs of deterioration or small towns with less than 35,000 population.

In most rural areas and in areas without municipal services where properties rely on septic systems and well water, no income mortgage equity lenders may give you a maximum of 65% of property value.

Here are few features for no proof of income mortgage financing for owner occupied and rental properties:

  • Purchase – a minimum 15 - 20% down payment plus closing costs required;
  • Refinance – you may get a maximum 85% of appraised value o.a.c.;
  • NO Tax Returns proof of income;
  • Even a recent proof of self employment may be acceptable;

Many of our clients prefer the easier process of no income mortgage loans and don’t mind paying a bit higher interest rate for this privilege.

-- I use her for all my own, my family's and clients' mortgage needs. I am a self-employed family lawyer and my family members are also self-employed and as such, we have our unique financing road blocks that the banks just don't understand. We all need different no proof of income mortgages. DB --

Private money lenders are a good supply of funds for small business owners when everyone else said NO. It is suitable for a multitude of strategies where the self employed individuals can't prove income on their tax returns or need time for improving credit score. 

How can you afford all this no income mortgage help?

We charge a fee on alternative "B" lender and private mortgages, mixed use and commercial mortgages or credit is bad when lenders won’t pay us. In those circumstances our fees come out from the proceeds of the mortgage refinance funds on closing or on closing when it is a purchase. 

NO worries about providing lenders with incorrect information.

Almost everyone qualifies with some lender provided you have sufficient down payment and equity in the property you are financing.

We have lenders offering self employed mortgage solutions for both owner occupied and rental properties.

Marie Copeland FSU, Hamilton Mortgage Loans

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You will need proof of self employment. Save hundreds of dollars on legal fees. Article of Incorporation process is fast and easy for you to register a business on line.

Give your business global exposure. With a small internet business, or a large one you'll earn money online. It's fun and easy.

Use our simple online mortgage application and get a quick start. Be sure to to print out and email us your signed and dated consent form to pull your credit -- this will save time too.

This self employed mortgage is suitable for owner occupied home, investment property mortgage such as residential rental properties.

Go to self employed loans no proof of income for a glance of these custom fit alternative mortgage financing products.

Self employed loans no proof of income -- there are changes in mortgage rules, get updated.

Business owner mortgage if you have good credit and declare income on tax returns but need some minor adjustments to qualify.

Private mortgages are a powerful sources of money and fill a huge void in the market place. This type of alternative mortgage financing is often used as a short term solution for the self employed as a first or second mortgage lending.

data-custom-mark="true"One-stop mortgage shopping - Could there possibly be a better way for you to get the right mortgage? You’ll never be left on your own. There is nothing for you to do, we do all the work you just get us the documents needed.

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