Where Can I get No income verification mortgages in Ontario ?

Do you own your own business? 

3 Clues To Get No Income Verification mortgages Canada 

The no proof of income mortgage loans in Ontario for self employed. are custom fit by non-bank lenders who understand the challenges of small business owners whom their banks left behind. Over the years we have helped hundreds of self employed contractors of various trades, consultants or small business owners and professionals - from house buyers, homeowners needing a mortgage refinance Hamilton area and Ontario wide or home equity debt consolidation loan for self employed.

You work hard, pay your bills and you deserve the home you want. 

Can i get a mortgage without proof of Income?

Yes, but not through big banks.

Going from bank to bank searching for a no income mortgage in Ontario just to be turned down is not the answer. It only damages your credit from too many lender inquiries causing you more long-term problems.

Banks are not your lenders for no proof of income loans self-employed unless you can show enough income to qualify for mortgage using a 2 year average as reported on your tax returns.

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What is a stated income home loan?

Stated income home loan, also known as a no income verification loan is an exceptional business owner mortgage, or self employed mortgage, when you don't show enough income on your CRA tax returns. Here, business bank records are used to establish income and current Notice of Assessment is only needed to prove there are no taxes owing to CRA.

How do self-employed get mortgage?

Best mortgage broker for self employed has access to no proof of income mortgage in Ontario for small business owners just like you. As Hamilton mortgage brokers serving Ontario from our hometown, we know who the no proof of income loans providers are and what options they offer to fit your needs.

So, when you don't qualify for a mortgage with the banks, the no income verification mortgage Canada is your best option to get a business owner mortgage.

More about mortgage for self employed

How much down for no income verification mortgage for business owners? 

5 Mortgage Tips

No income verification mortgage is available up to 80% of home value. Here are first 2 no proof of income mortgage Canada basics (self employed mortgage loan): 

  • Refinancing a home mortgage when self employed with no proof of income has money saving benefits. Here are 3 more no proof of income mortgage in Canada tips:
  1. Self employed debt consolidation loan offers solutions for credit problems too. A no income verification refinance mortgage strategy gets you credit card debt relief. The interest rate and how much money you will get depends on credit, whether the mortgage amount needed is below 65% of home value or you need up to 80%, the strength of your bank income deposits vs expenses and marketability of your property.
  2. If you've run into credit problems and need refinance mortgage bad credit solutions, consider the bad credit score mortgage at a bit higher home mortgage refinancing rates. No proof of income loans self-employed are generally shorter term options (1-3 years)... but remember, dealing with bad credit quickly leads to good credit and lower home mortgage refinancing rates going forward.
  3. Don't fret because everyone turned you down for a mortgage for self employed Ontario. Private money lenders can be an option. Read how in some cases you can save money using a private bad credit lenders no payment second mortgage options. You would be amazed how quickly you can rebuild financially with the right plan of action. 

how to qualify for mortgage self employed ?

The self employed mortgage loan market is serviced by the mortgage broker Canada channel through alternative mortgage lenders, not the banks. The no income verification mortgages lenders do not ask for traditional proof of CRA income on your tax returns. They will ask for your most recent personal Notice of Assessment as proof that you don't owe personal taxes to CRA.

What will mortgage lenders use as income?

To prove you earn enough to qualify for mortgage, alternative mortgage lenders evaluate your business bank statements, deposits, invoices and expenses to determine your mortgage self employed income.

  • You will need a Business Registration or Articles of Incorporation.
  • With a no income verification loan, the quality of your credit will determine how much money and at what interest rate the lender will give you for the no proof of income loans you are asking for.
  • The no income verification mortgages lenders offer rental property mortgage self employed home loans too.

What Our Self Employed Home Loans Client Says

-- Marie is a "Pro" when it comes to helping the self employed with a no proof of income mortgages, she is the best Mortgage Broker you can use !!! I use her for all my own, my family's and clients' mortgage needs.

I am a self-employed family lawyer and my family members are also self-employed and as such, we have our unique financing road blocks that the banks just don't understand. We all need different no proof of income mortgages. DB --

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One stop mortgage shopping to get you the right business owner mortgage loan. You'll never by left on your own. There is nothing for you to do. We do all the work you just get us the documents needed.

You know what to do. Contact Marie your Hamilton mortgage broker for your custom fit home loan for self employed.

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