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Are private lenders better than banks? Hmmm...

I have a feeling it may help if you knew how private bad credit lenders in Ontario think. Top private mortgage lenders in Canada can overlook some credit problem if the whole deal makes sense. Their priorities are pretty basic:  enough home equity, property quality, location and marketability, your ability to make payments and a good exit plan at the end of your term. Private mortgage lenders Ontario Canada are common sense short term fixers to help you clean up financial problems quickly and move into lower interest real estate financing when your term ends. That's it. So, are private lenders better than banks?.. you decide.

Homeowners love saving money with second mortgages hamilton


how do you find private Lenders?

Contact us. We're bad credit mortgage brokers in Hamilton arranging mortgages for people with bad credit all over Ontario.

Private mortgage lenders Hamilton fill a huge void in the Ontario mortgage market. We know who they are. Without private lenders for mortgages many would not get the financial help they need. We arrange first and second mortgage loans such as interest only second mortgage in Burlington, Hamilton or nearby Niagara regions to use for whatever you need, the list of benefits is endless.

second mortgage home equity loan in Hamilton Saves money Ontario wide

Below:  Homeowner in Burlington debt problems solved using a No payments for 12 month second mortgage home equity loan. Private mortgages for bad credit save her a whopping $32,040 in one year ($2,670 a month).

Why would you take out a second mortgage?

Here is private mortgages Hamilton help for homeowners and private hard money loans Ontario mortgage tips readers are asking about:

´╗┐Is it smart to get a second mortgage?

A reader with credit problems searched for a bad credit mortgage broker Oakville. She needs home mortgage loan information about private bad credit lenders for second mortgage with NO payments for 12 months. See below how she can save thousands of dollars on mortgage payments. 

Can you get a second mortgage to renovate?

Homeowner with bad credit wants a mortgage broker Grimsby to get her money to help with home repairs. Private money lenders short-term second mortgage for renovations is a fit for her. This is the fastest and most affordable way for improving your home. Knowledgeable bad credit mortgage broker can structure an interest only mortgage payments solution that works just for you.

Getting a second mortgage to pay off debt

Port Colborne homeowner needs bad debt help and says I want a second mortgage. He wants help from private lenders for debt consolidation to stop nasty demand calls and get debt relief. Click end credit card debt to read his story.

Frustrated, Worried, need debt relief? Let us help you with Private Lenders For Bad Credit In Ontario.


Let's Assess If you're a fit for NO payments for 12 months home equity Mortgage

Save money on mortgage payments with a second mortgage home equity loan to pay off debt.

Janet searching for a bad credit mortgage Burlington says get me out of debt, show me ways to become debt free. Private debt consolidation loans using a second mortgage home equity loan saves Janet money - her story below.

About Private Mortgages Burlington with NO payments for 12 months

Janet searched for loans bad credit Burlington to reach us. She is a nurse with good income but got in over her head financially helping sons through university. Her Burlington home has lots of equity with first mortgage maturing in 2 years. Her credit is damaged so it is now too expensive to refinance a home mortgage completely at a higher interest rate.

Janet is drained, needs a bit of money on hand to relieve financial stress, stop creditor calls and get debt relief in Burlington. Getting her fast debt help in Burlington from private bad credit lenders is a priority.

With good income and lots of home equity, the NO Mortgage Payment for 12 months second mortgage loan to value ratio at 65%, including first and second mortgage loans is her perfect fit. 

Bad credit loans Burlington worked well for Janet. She got lower monthly payment for a year and saved a whopping $2,670/mo x 12 months = $32,040 savings in one yearWith credit debt help from hard money lenders Canada, she will now work on improving her credit score.

How to become debt free Using private bad credit lenders

Janet's existing first mortgage is at 2.85%, loans and credit cards at 9%-28%)

homeowner in burlington debt problems...

  • $325,000 Mortgage
  • $ 22,000 Car Loan
  • $ 44,000 Credit cards
  • $ 14,000 Loan

Total $405,000

$1,537 mo $   550 mo $1,320 mo $   800 mo

$4,207 mo

Now after debt consolidation in burlington...

$1,537/mo existing First Mortgage stays

$ 0 other debts per month remaining - NO Payments for 12 months second mortgage loan using private bad credit lenders added. This is Janet's best debt consolidation loan strategy using her sizable available tax free home equity. 

How to save money on mortgage payments? $4,207 /mo vs $1,537 /mo for a year. The choice is clear! This home owner has time and flexibility to rebuild financially. She gets the money she needs now and in a year she will combine the first and second mortgage loans by refinancing home mortgage.

We are mortgage brokers in Hamilton with access to private bad credit lenders that provide first mortgages and second mortgages in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, Niagara region and Ontario wide.

Marie Copeland FSU, helping you get a NO Mortgage Payment for 12 months second mortgage loan from private bad credit lenders. 

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