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Private Consolidation Loans {Tax Free Home Equity}


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private consolidation loans for bad credit

Private consolidation loans are ideal bad credit debt help. You can cut your monthly expenses in half or more. This will boost your monthly cash flow and credit score ranking so that you can get back on track financially faster.

private lender mortgage consolidation loans for bad credit

See illustration to the right:


Private consolidation loans payments reduced from $2,090 to a manageable $1,050 a month.

Savings are significant with consolidation loans for bad credit. How? Thanks to bad credit card debt help using private mortgage lenders and top debt consolidation loans.

Debt consolidation help using private lenders will improve cash flow and give you a fresh start.jpgPrivate consolidation loans to save money.

Get a fresh start. End credit card debt with private consolidation loans from private mortgage lenders in Ontario. 

Refinance home mortgage with bad credit is a tax free equity take out.

Debt consolidation bad credit is a good strategy to end debt problems - you cash out some of your home equity tax free to pay out your debts. Refinancing home mortgage using private lenders, you'll get money fast and end credit card debt. Bad credit consolidation loans Canada are offered by first and second mortgage lenders.

how to consolidate debt using private lenders for bad credit

With bad consolidation credit debt help from private lenders in Ontario, you can cut monthly expenses by half or more, even if you have bad credit.

Take a look how debt consolidation bad credit and a private mortgage did the job for our client. 

James has a good job earning $90,000 annually and is 3 years away from retirement. He’s been with his company over 35 years and will get 65% of his salary when he retires.

He's been living with and taking care of his elderly mother in a condo that she owns. She's been bedridden and needed expensive home care. Her basic government pension barely covered the condominium fees and taxes and James has been paying for her care.

When his mother passed away she left James a paid off condo worth $170,000. But by then, his debt for her care has risen to $56,000 plus thousands of dollars in legal costs to creditors who were suing him for defaulting on the debt. In addition, his car payments were at $560 a month and another $1,300 a month for the condo fees, taxes, insurance and utilities. 

Client's debt was out of control and he was months behind in payments. All his credit was already closed and legal proceedings against him were well on the way.

James needed bad credit debt help to end credit card debt. He wanted a fresh start and a debt consolidation bad credit strategy was ideal.

You too can eliminate credit card debts with top debt consolidation loans, your best credit card debt help.

How do private consolidation loans work ?

Refinancing home mortgage using the equity in your home is a best credit card debt consolidation strategy. It's a debt restructuring process -- you cash out tax free equity in your home to pay off expensive debt. Then, replace several high interest debts payments with one low monthly payment saving hundreds of dollars a month or more in cash flow.

Refinancing home equity can be a good move and savings are significant. If you need debt consolidation services, don't wait. Get bad consolidation credit debt help from our private lenders in Ontario. You'll be surprised how fast you can rebuild financially. 

why Consumer Proposal was not an option

After his mother passed away, James consulted a Bankruptcy Trustee about a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy but this was not an option. He would have been eligible while his mother was still alive and the condo was in her name.

But, because he inherited a paid off property worth more than twice as much as the debt, this disqualified him from the bankruptcy or consumer proposal protection.

The creditors were aware of his inheritance and were moving fast to recover their debt and costs – the legal costs were skyrocketing and his credit was destroyed making the client non bankable for loans. James needed bad credit debt help urgently and debt consolidation bad credit was the answer.

Given that his inherited property was free and clear and his income was solid, we quickly arranged a new first mortgage on the condo from a private mortgage lender.

James got private consolidation loans and his monthly payments on his debt dropped from $2,090 a month to a manageable $1,050 on his new interest only home mortgage.

If your debt is getting out of control, call us - we can help you too with our top debt consolidation loans with a private lender mortgage!

By the time client gets close to retirement his credit will re-establish. He'll then refinance his private mortgage into a new mortgage at a much lower rate.

James decided to end credit card debt with a first mortgage private consolidation loans help. Your situation may be different and a 2nd mortgage in Ontario could be a more suitable solution.

Marie Copeland FSU, Second Mortgages Hamilton Help.

If your debt is getting out of control don't wait -- stop the damage. You can end credit card debt with a private first or a second mortgage Hamilton. 

Call 905.537.8815 for private lender mortgage top debt consolidation loans

Banks and "A" Lenders pay us for your service. EXCEPT bad credit mortgages, some self employed mortgages, private mortgages or multi-use and commercial loans - broker fees are payable by clients. 

*Lenders change their products and interest rates without notice.

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