alternative mortgage financing is taking ontario by storm

Serving up Alternative mortgage financing when you don't fit the banks

Alternative mortgage financing is a type of loan that is offered by mortgage investment corporations, credit unions, trust companies, or private lenders. These lenders are more flexible and can offer loans to borrowers who do not meet the strict requirements of banks; such as low credit score, low income, a high deb-to-income ratio, or a history of consumer proposal or bankruptcy. If you've been going from bank to bank wasting your valuable time just to be turned down for a mortgage then you should stop ... it is not in your best interest. All banks have the same government regulations to qualify for a mortgage. Let's take a look if alternative mortgage financing is right for you.

Alternative mortgage lenders are taking Ontario by storm as banks turn away

Let's start by understanding how your mortgage application is treated by the Canadian mortgage market. When you want a home purchase loan, rental property financing, refinance a home mortgage or looking for ways to pay off debt, the mortgage market forces will place you into one of three categories below.

                  prime Lends                      

Good credit, good income needed to qualify. 2% stress test

Home purchase loan down payment

5% owner occupied / 20% down rentals

1 - 5 year terms

Stress test + 2% to qualify for a mortgage

Refinance a home mortgage |  Debt consolidation mortgage

To 80% owner occupied / 75% rentals

Stress test + 2%

Serviced by the Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Companies and Insurance Companies

 Alternative Mortgage lenders ontario 

More flexible debt service ratios to qualify for mortgage

Equity home buyer loan | Mortgage refinancing Hamilton and Ontario wide | Debt consolidation bad credit 

1 - 3 year terms

To 80% owner occupied / 75% rentals

Stress test + 2% to qualify for mortgage with one exception for near prime home equity loanThe best home equity loan No stress test is for you if you're a bit short on income to qualify for mortgage amount needed.

Learn about alternative income verification loans for small business owners

Home loan bad credit (bad credit score mortgages to purchase, refinance)

Dealing with divorce assets. Division of property in divorce and spousal buyout mortgage

Mortgages for the self-employed no proof of income loans

Refinance a home mortgage to save money

              private Money lender            

1st private mortgages, second mortgage home equity loan

Ontario and Hamilton house buyer | Refinance mortgage bad credit | Debt consolidation loans bad credit

Short 1 year terms

First mortgage and second mortgage home equity loan

Discharged consumer proposal & bankruptcy acceptable

Borrower must show they can make payments and property is marketable

Blanket mortgages on 2nd property possible

Prepaid terms possible with large equity

Click on NO mortgage payment for 12 months to read how to save money on mortgage payments using private bad credit lenders. Read how to get debt relief and save big with a second mortgage home equity loan!


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The Prime movers and Shakers

Outside of alternative lenders Ontario, the typical prime lending players are:  Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Companies and Insurance Companies.

Banks are not risk takers and have similar complicated lending requirements such as good credit score and secure proven income on your tax returns. That's where you get a mortgage at best interest rates from a home buyer mortgage up to 95% to mortgage refinancing Hamilton and Ontario up to 80%.

While the Primes offer conventional purchase and refinancing a home mortgage services on approved credit, they prefer underwriting high ratio insured mortgages to mitigate their risk.

If you've been turned down by one bank going to other banks will not help. All banks use same government regulated qualify for mortgage rules. Each lender you go to will pull your credit and the next thing you know, your credit score drops even lower making your situation worse. This is where you should stop.

As Hamilton mortgage brokers we're here to give you professional mortgage tips and home mortgage help.

The Prime lenders do not provide alternative mortgage financing, such as a bad credit score mortgage. This type of real estate financing is offered by non-bank lenders through the mortgage broker Canada channel.

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Alternative mortgage financing lenders and private money lenders rely heavily on the quality of your property and the area. The sub prime mortgage providers rarely lend in small towns under 75,000 people, run down neighborhoods with nearby commercial and industrial areas and property values under about $250,000. 

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*Lenders change their products and interest rates regularly and without notice. Check with us for updates.

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