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Why the best home equity loan vs. banks?

Why best home equity loan vs bank? You have good credit, stable income but your bank turns you down for the mortgage amount needed. Now you need 20% down alternative financing for home purchase or up to 80% to refinance a home mortgage. What is going on?

In 2018 Canadian Government introduced a mortgage stress test ruling that a higher of, 2% added to a contract rate or a posted Royal Bank of Canada rate, be used to qualify for a mortgage. This, even though you get a lower contract interest rate.


Income just a bit too low? get more money with the equity home purchase loan

The mortgage stress test Canada was intended to cool off the housing market and ensure that when it is time to renew your mortgage and interest rates have gone up, you will still qualify for mortgage at higher rates without a risk of losing your home.

While the mortgage stress test applies to banks, mortgage companies and home equity mortgage loans, there are exceptions offered by mortgage brokers Hamilton Ontario just like us.

Is your income just a bit too low to get the money you need?

If you are negotiating a home purchase offer but you are a bit short on income to qualify for mortgage amount needed and your bank turns you down, consider the best home equity loan - qualify for mortgage at a nearly prime contract interest rate you are offered NOT the stress tested rate. This is a great home purchase loan option with 20% down payment.


$500,000 home value

20% Minimum equity

Good credit score 

Verifiable, stable employment income


NO STRESS TEST mortgage gets more money approved


$500,000 home value

20% Minimum equity

Good credit score 

SAME Verifiable, stable employment income


Stress tested mortgage approved

This is an almost prime, best home equity loan, at a bit higher interest rate for verifiable income on your tax returns and good credit. It is your ideal home buyer mortgage option if you need more money.

With today's high home values and tightened mortgage rules it is getting increasingly more difficult to qualify for mortgage loans to buy a home at that higher price range. The no stress test home buyer mortgage offers more flexible qualifying ratios, giving you more money It is attractive alternative financing for home purchase with 20% down payment.

For more home buyer advice, home buying process checklist and home purchase process timeline go to home buyer loans or submit your application using the button below and we will get the process going.


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How to get more money when you Refinance A home Mortgage

Our homes have never worked as hard as they have in recent years. Our home is our family haven, our office, safe home schooling classroom, a gym and a best source of tax free cash to get fast debt relief. 

That's why refinance a mortgage using a best home equity loan has many money saving benefits. You get access to more tax free cash using the equity in your home to use as you need. The banks and majority of home equity mortgage loan market is regulated by the Government of Canada stress test. This is except for unique exclusions available through the mortgage broker Canada professionals.

This is where we come in. The no stress test best home equity loan is for you if you have good credit and income but you are just a bit short to qualify for mortgage amount needed to refinance a home mortgage to resolve your problem.

Refinancing your home mortgage using the best home equity loan, gives you more money. Consider below:

  • How to become debt free with home refinance mortgage? We'll give you home equity loans Hamilton options how to consolidate debt. Ask us how paying off credit card debt can save you hundreds of dollars a month, improving your household cashflow, credit score, saving you money,
  • Refinance vs home purchase is a common question many homeowners ask these days. Refinancing a home mortgage gives you tax fee cash for anything you need, including as a home remodel loan. This is good home renovation financing for improving your home. Home repair loans outside a mortgage are expensive in comparison to the best home equity loan option. With the no stress test low mortgage payments improving your home makes perfect sense,
  • Verified on your CRA tax returns income and good credit is required,
  • Only principal residence qualifies.

The mortgage broker Canada channel real estate financing offers no stress test best home equity loan solutions up to 80% of home value - from loans to buy a home with 20% down and get more money to refinance a home mortgage to cash out tax free equity to use for whatever you need or the best debt consolidation to SAVE.

NB. This mortgage product is offered by only select lenders who reserve the right to change or discontinue this product without notice. Please check with us about availability of this mortgage at the time of your application.

Marie Copeland FSU, Mortgage brokers Hamilton delivering the best home equity loan solutions.

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