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Debt consolidation refinancing is our thing! We are Hamilton mortgage brokers with clients Ontario wide. Our mortgage approvals are made easy - Apply on line for your debt consolidation in Hamilton or debt consolidation Niagara Falls area or wherever you may be in Ontario. All documents and signatures can be handled by email from the comfort of your home.

"If you give me a minute of your time I will get you debt help in Hamilton and throughout Ontario"

We went from 7 monthly bills to one low monthly payment and saved thousands of dollars

debt-consolidation-refinancing-Hamilton.jpgDebt consolidation refinancing using the equity in your home saves thousands of dollars.

Let's talk about ways to pay off expensive debt and end up with one low debt consolidation loan payment.

How to reduce debt using tax free equity in your home? Consider debt consolidation refinance.

Debt consolidation refinancing is one of the most powerful credit restructuring strategies. You can save hundreds of dollars, or more, in monthly payments. 

  • Are car loans, credit cards and other loans stretching every last penny that you earn and you need credit card debt relief Hamilton area or through Ontario?
  • Do you find yourself with no money left after the monthly bills are paid?
  • Or, are you simply looking for a smarter way to pay off your expensive debts and consolidate them into one, low monthly payment?

With Canada debt consolidation loan credit card debt solutions and your new low debt consolidation loan payments you can improve your household cash flow and save thousands of dollars in just one year.

But best of all, we'll give you professional home mortgage help with your debt consolidation refinance to get you back on track.

How To Become Debt Free

Technically, a loan for debt consolidation Hamilton and Ontario involves a home refinancing process. Debt consolidation refinance up to 80% of home value is often used to eliminate credit card debts and other expensive loans, replacing them with a single loan. This gets you a lower monthly payment or a longer repayment period, up to 30 year maximum amortization period in Canada.

At the end of the home refinancing process you end up with one low debt consolidation loan payment. 


Questions? Let Us give you A Mortgage Assessment & Options

Why Debt Consolidation Refinancing Ways To Pay Off Debt

Why consider debt consolidation Hamilton area, debt consolidation Niagara Falls or anywhere in Ontario?

Too often when people have an excessive short term debt load, they try to pay it down with their regular income and end up:

  • Paying interest only without eliminating the root problem which is the principal balance leads to prolonged debt problems.
  • Further damaging their credit score ranking through high credit use and late payments.
  • Increasing their overall debt load by using one credit source to pay another.
  • Applying for additional credit cards that offer some short term benefit and when the benefit ends, the rates go back through the roof.
  • Further pushing down their credit score through too many inquiries for additional credit.

This is what we call a never ending consumer credit death spiral. Instead, debt consolidation refinancing could have been an affordable credit card debt solution from the start.

We understand your situation and will get you debt help in Hamilton or wherever in Ontario to put you back on track to financial well being.

How to consolidate debt by refinancing a home mortgage

How to get best credit card debt help with a mortgage and save thousands of dollars?

How to make money on mortgage payments?

Not only you quickly go from average credit card interest rates of 26%+ to a low mortgage interest rate, but as part of the refinancing process you improve cash flow and credit score rankings. If you have equity in your home this is the least expensive money you can access.

If you have been carrying more than one mortgage on your property for too long, which is eating away at your cash flow, then the best way to consolidate mortgage debt is home equity loan refinancing to combine the mortgages. While interest only second mortgage is one of the best debt relief options it is meant to be a short term credit card debt solution (1-3 years) to resolve a financial problem.

For minor credit problems, debt consolidation bad credit may be an option. If you can't take advantage of best interest rates for now, you should first take steps to rebuild your credit score rankings. For serious problems, short term higher refinance home mortgage rates using private bad credit lenders plus a secured credit card with a minimum $1,500-$2,000 credit limit may be the best option. By taking right steps, you can rebuild your credit faster than you think.

The key to getting the best results from debt repayment strategies is to provide us with your complete financial situation (all debts and all assets). Contact us for a free mortgage assessment of your situation and we will go from there.

Marie Copeland FSU, Hamilton mortgage broker to consolidate bills.

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