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Interest only second mortgage - What is a second mortgage Hamilton and Ontario

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Laura in Hamilton is trying to understand what is an interest only second mortgage Hamilton from home equity hard money lenders Canada and how she can get the money she needs. What is a second mortgage from private lenders Ontario Laura asks? It is a secondary lien registered on your home behind an existing first mortgage. 

Private money lenders Ontario go beyond the banks

Often homeowners are shocked to find they already have a second mortgage home equity lien registered against their home. These are home repair loans like windows replacement loans, roof or furnace and on and on. 


In the 2nd mortgage Hamilton market, private mortgage lenders Hamilton where Laura is, private mortgages Burlington and Ontario wide, fund majority of seconds. This is due to the strength of underlying security (home equity) and lack of bank support for people with credit problems or self employed small business owners needing a no income verification mortgage in Canada.

2nd mortgages for the credit challenged

Interest only second mortgage can give you the money you need fast giving you a fresh start. If you have credit problems and need debt help in Hamilton or Ontario, a debt consolidation loan bad credit using the equity in your home will likely come from private mortgage lenders. They offer interest only poor credit score home loans including a first and second mortgage.

If you have equity in your home and ability to make payments an interest only 2nd mortgage Hamilton is available Ontario wide.

2nd mortgages Ontario

Whether you're looking for second mortgages Burlington to Oakville and Toronto, Niagara and beyond, you have come to the right place. If you have home equity, private lenders in Ontario Canada are most likely lenders to lend you money even with bad credit. 

What is a second mortgage with bad credit. How to save money!

Private first mortgage and second mortgage home equity loan for the credit challenged are good solutions for paying credit card debt and getting debt relief Hamilton and Ontario. Paying credit card debt can save hundreds of dollars a month. Once your credit is repaired, you may qualify for mortgage at lower interest rates and lower mortgage payments.

Second mortgage info -- how private Equity lenders Can help

How interest only second mortgage helps:

  • Click here to read how to save on mortgage payments with a NO mortgage payment for 12 months second mortgage loan from private bad credit lenders
  • Debt consolidation bad credit ways to pay off debt, getting credit card debt relief 
  • Source of second mortgages Hamilton home renovation loan improving your home
  • Rental property loans for second properties, down payment for a cottage
  • Cars, boats, RV's
  • University education
  • Outstanding property taxes or CRA taxes, and more!

More private second mortgage info:

  • Second mortgage bad credit carries higher interest rates 
  • Available from private money lenders through mortgage broker Canada professionals
  • Second mortgage lenders are the only source of 2nd mortgages for credit challenged

When should I consider private second mortgages?

2nd mortgage Hamilton and Ontario homeowners can be your ideal option when:

  • the cost of refinancing a home mortgage is greater than the cost of placing a second mortgage home equity loan.
  • you have a long term low interest rate on the first mortgage that will end up being higher after refinancing.
  • you have a down turn in your credit report score range that will increase the rate of interest on your new mortgage if it was refinanced.
  • you have a short term financing need that is going to be paid off relatively quickly or you can match the alternative mortgage financing repayment to your 1st mortgage repayment time line.
  • you need bad credit debt help to take equity out using private lending.

Are second mortgage home loans suitable for Me ?

What is a second mortgage Hamilton or throughout Ontario? How to become debt free? How to consolidate debt getting credit card debt relief?

If you asking yourself any of these questions and musing whether second mortgage lenders Ontario Canada are an option, then why not call me for a free mortgage assessment. If interest only second mortgage home equity loan from a private money lender makes the most sense, then I’ll get you set up with a plan that meets your needs and to improves your credit. 

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*Lenders change their products and interest rates regularly and without notice. Always check for lender updates.

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