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Should I Refinance Home Mortgage?

Understanding the prepayment penalty to break your mortgage

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Should I refinance home mortgage? Refinancing home mortgage can be a good residential mortgage money saving strategy. People have many reasons to refinance their mortgage - to cash out equity to invest, buy another property, put their kids through university or buy a car. Sometimes it's spousal separation and clients need a new mortgage to buy out the spouse leaving the matrimonial home. But, the most common reason is to consolidate expensive debt, improve cash flow and quality of life and rebuild financially.

So, before you refinance home equity mortgage, ask yourself:

  • do the numbers work to my advantage taking into consideration the closing costs on the new mortgage, your credit score and present employment conditions, new interest rate and monthly payments and any penalty to break the existing mortgage;
  • do I need the money now and have a good reason to refinance home mortgage;
  • is there enough equity in my home that I can cash out to solve my problem. 

Should I refinance my mortgage ? Dealing with penalty to break my mortgage.

A prepayment penalty is the amount of interest still owing on the balance of the mortgage term on your initial contract.

See the Top Stories links below to find a link to my article best mortgage lenders in Canada - it's important reading which will show you how the penalty is calculated by various lenders.

Ideally, you want to refinance home mortgage:

  • towards the latter part of your existing term to save money on the amount of penalty owing;
  • because you can save money by lowering your interest rate;
  • you have an urgent need for money;
  • or, the interest rates are about to climb and you want to lock into a new 5 year term at a lower rate.

If you're close to the end of your mortgage term and your penalty to break the mortgage is reasonable, it will pay itself out in no time through the new lower interest rate.

Should I refinance home mortgage ?

Should I refinance my mortgage you ask? Will it solve my problem? Take a look below at clients' scenario after refinancing.

Should I refinance my mortgage? Savings are significant!Should I refinance my mortgage? Take a look - the problem was solved and the savings are significant!
  • Clients' credit was still workable in spite of being overextended;
  • They have good stable income;
  • The numbers worked;
  • Interest lowered to 2.94% from 3.94%;
  • the penalty was significant but clients got their money fast and could stop the $1,750 monthly damage on the cost of their debt;
  • They had sufficient equity in the home to solve their problem.

Dealing with prepayment penalty to break the mortgage

Clients are often overwhelmed when they find out they have to pay a large upfront penalty to get out of their mortgage, even if they get an exceptional deal elsewhere.

Their banks force them to stay by offering them a blended interest rate - clients think that they're getting a deal because they don't have to face a large upfront penalty. So they stay and often end up paying even more.

Don't get fooled into paying even more money - remember, the banks will not give you anything for free and will not be doing you any special favours. They are in business to make big profits.

There is no such thing as free money.

To answer your should I refinance home mortgage question - let me show you a clients' home mortgage loan refinance scenario:

Clients found themselves in a big financial squeeze with too much debt. They could not keep up with their minimum monthly credit card payments and came to me for a strategy to eliminate credit card debts using the equity in their home.

They were thrilled when I got them a 2.94% interest rate vs. the 3.94% they were currently paying. We consolidated all their expensive debt into one low monthly payment improving their cash flow.

Payment on their $272,000 mortgage is $1,731 a month plus another $1,779 monthly payments on their credit cards.

After consolidation new payment is $1,750 -- debt gone. Clients save $1,750 a month.

This should be a sound should I refinance home mortgage answer, don't you think?

When it came to closing and lawyers got a payout statement from the bank, clients were shocked that the penalty to break their mortgage was $10,000. Their bank of 30 years would not reduce the penalty but offered a new blended rate mortgage at 3.84% if they stay. It's no surprise the clients were wondering, should I refinance home mortgage, with me.

I calculated that over the 5 year term on our mortgage, clients will pay $46,737 in interest.

Interest they would pay to their bank over the 5 years on their mortgage offer would be $61,413.

$61,413 less $46,737 on our mortgage = $14,676 difference over 5 years -- instead of the upfront $10,000 penalty.

A total rip off and what thanks for their business for over 30 years. Banks love offering a blended rate instead of upfront penalty because they make even more money -- they figure that the clients won't know any different.

We asked the bank to give us the formula used to come up with this $10,000 penalty. Instead of using clients' contract interest rate of 3.94% for the remaining term, the bank used the $3.94% + 2.25% to calculate the penalty to break the mortgage.

Which bank does this you ask? It does not matter, all banks mark up the interest on the contract rate anywhere from 1.1-2.5% when you want to break your mortgage.

My advice -- pay the penalty upfront and stop the damage from expensive credit which is costing you much more than the penalty. 

Remember, the banks are not going to do you any favors. We have excellent broker channel lenders that are transparent and fair. Beware of a minimally lower interest rate offered in the market place to snag you in - it can cost you a small fortune in the end.

Marie Copeland, FSU, mortgage broker, Ontario.

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