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Maneuvering through all the residential mortgages and options is a bit overwhelming. Or at least it can be, if you're trying to figure everything out yourself.

Let's face it, buying or refinancing home mortgage is a big decision.

That's where we come in -- We do all the work, you just provide us with documents needed to get your online home mortgage loan.


Questions? Let Us give you A Mortgage Assessment & Options

in canada what percentage down payment is needed to buy a house

Mortgage minimum down payment Hamilton ON or anywhere in Canada

Government policies for banks in Canada residential mortgages allow:

  • buying a house at * 5% on the first $500,000, and an added 10% down payment on the amount over $500,000;
  • 20% down for rentals; 
  • refinancing of an existing home up to 80% of home value;
  • 25 years is the maximum amortization you can get on high ratio loans BUT, up to 35 years on conventional financing up to 80% of value.

You'll get home mortgage help custom fit for you. 

Here is what my client Sam had to say about getting home mortgage help:

Highly Recommended For An Easy, Honest and Personal Touch Mortgage Experience!

As a single person, buying a house can be an intimidating experience. However, after one phone call with Marie the stress was immediately lifted. She was quick to produce results and kept my best interest in mind offering her honest opinion on what mortgage would be best suited for me -- SC

80% to BUY OR refinance home mortgage ... read more

Refinancing home mortgage can be a good move.

If you have equity in your home you can pull out tax free cash to use as you need.

Whether you need money to put the kids through college, get a down payment to buy a rental property or buy a car -- you can cash out up to 80% of home value. Up to 35 year amortization on approved credit to get you low mortgage payments.

Are you thinking about retirement or complete home renovations and want to pull out tax free cash from your home? We'll give you home mortgage help to get you money fast at best interest rates your application qualifies for.

How does debt consolidation work? 

Your choice! 4% or 26% on your debt.

Follow this link for information to help you end credit card debt.

Is too much debt eating away at your cash flow and hurting your quality of life? Use the equity in your home to eliminate credit card debt by refinancing home mortgage. Low debt consolidation loan payments will save you hundreds of dollars or more each month.

Banks in Canada lend to low risk clients with good credit and income.

Bad credit home loans are non-bank residential mortgages available through our mortgage broker channel. Many of our clients have been turned down by the banks for a mortgage before they came to us. We'll get you alternative mortgage financing to buy a home or refinance home equity mortgage. 

PRIVATE MORTGAGES when everyone else turned you down

Private mortgage lenders fill a huge void in the mortgage marketplace. They can be more creative and flexible. Using private lenders is an important short term lending strategy.

This home mortgage help is meant to quickly resolve a serious situation until you can rebuild financially. 

My client Sam ended by saying:

Marie was available for every phone call and text, walking me through any questions I had making this an amazing experience.

Today I received the keys to my new house and I am extremely grateful to Marie for her excellent customer service with a personal touch -- SC

One of the great aspects of the Canadian "residential mortgage" market is that there are many mortgage programs to choose from -- many of them can be customized to meet the unique needs you may have.

But, while the choice in the market is great, it can also be confusing trying to figure out what options are best suited to you and your situation.

Not to worry.

My job is to be your advisor and to make sure that you get the best options and that you understand all the terms and conditions of your mortgage.

Marie Copeland, FSU Mortgage Broker

If you're shopping for a mortgage in Hamilton or anywhere in Ontario, then contact us - We'll assess your best options together. 

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