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Identity theft protection fraud schemes to steal your home. In this world of mortgage fraud and title fraud, even though you are a rightful owner of your home, you could become an unfortunate victim. 

Losses from fraud are catastrophic with homeowners paying thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend themselves and the ownership of their home.

How does real estate or mortgage fraud occur?

There a several forms of fraud. Today the cons are sophisticated and thanks to modern technology, they have the knowledge of the real estate process needed to access documents and perpetrate these crimes. Here is a basic example:

  • A fraudster takes title to a property through a fraudulent transfer a deed.
  • The fraudster goes to a bank and gets a mortgage which is then registered against your home.
  • When the con does not make any mortgage payments, the bank sends the homeowner a notice that it intends to sell the property for non payment of the mortgage.
  • The whole scheme is revealed to the legitimate home owner when the lender's notice arrives in the mail.


Identity theft protection fraud insurance is a must. Insuring the ownership of your property to protect your home from fraud is just as important as insuring your home and its contents from loss or damage.

When you buy a home in Canada and get a mortgage, the lenders will require that you buy Title Insurance to protect them from loss incurred from undetected or unknown title defects or title fraud.

identity theft protection fraud lender's policy -- is it enough?

Is the lender's policy enough to protect your home from fraud enough ? NO.

Even though it's difficult to be exact, some statistics suggest that fraud amounts to $1.5 billion a year across Canada.

When you are buying your home be sure your lawyer adds a Homeowner's Title Insurance to the lender's policy to protect YOU as well as the lender from the same loss.

And what if you already own your home ?

How to get identity theft protection fraud coverage ?

If you've purchased your home many years ago homeowners title insurance may not have been available. But, you're in luck, you can now buy an existing Homeowner's Title Insurance policy at any time.

And, if you're one of the lucky purchasers buying your home for cash - you also can buy Homeowner's Title Insurance to protect your interest in your property. 

You may want to visit Stewart Title Guarantee Insurers for best identity theft protection of the title to your home.

Buying Home Owner's Title Insurance buys you peace of mind. You'll have coverage for losses from fraud including legal costs to defend your title to the property.

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