Your bank decline you ?

by Randy Dadswell, Mortgage Agent FSCO No. M08003643

Are you looking at purchasing your first home and are in need of a mortgage or are you looking to refinance your mortgage to help improve your quality of life?

Is your Bank giving you a hard time? You have been a loyal customer with them since you were a child but, the time you need them the most they are no where to be found.

You have that down payment saved or have equity in your home, you have never missed a rent payment or a mortgage payment. In addition, any debt you currently have or have had in the past has been with that same bank and likewise have never missed a payment.

And to top it, they really have not given you a reasonable explanation why they cannot help. By now the frustration level is extremely high and to make matters worse you even had to take time off work and drive to the bank only to find out they are unable to help. You have gone from being a person at your bank that was treated with respect to a number that no one cares about. So, what happened you ask?

This would be a good time for you to call me. Just because your own bank in unable to help does not mean I cannot help. I have access to allot of different lenders, each with their own special niche in the market place.

They will help clients with bruised credit, slow repayment history, someone who is self employed or business for self that maybe experienced a bad year income wise. They understand that you are "A" client even if you can't prove income on your tax returns or have credit problems.

We can meet in the convenience of your own home to go through the application process. I can meet you in the morning, afternoon, evening or weekend. I am here to help guide you through the process to a resolution that will help you financially and personally and take away some of that life stress.

So, why not call me ? I care and will help.

You can contact Randy by phone at 905.870.9691 or by email:

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