Burlington Home Equity Loan Approvals

Burlington Home Equity Loan approvals are easy at Axcess Mortgage and Loans Financing. We take the red tape out of the mortgage approval process.

Even if you have bad credit, we're Burlington mortgage brokers with access to lenders that say YES.

  • Whether you have good or bad credit 
  • you're Self-Employed and need help
  • needing a Legal Separation mortgage up to 95% of home value to pay off the spouse leaving the matrimonial home
  • need money fast to stop power of sale using private lenders Burlington area?
  • whether you're recovering from a consumer proposal or bankruptcy... whatever your mortgage needs, you've come to the right place.

One conversation with us, will make a huge difference in the strength of your application. You won't have to worry whether or not your Burlington residential mortgage will be approved.

Burlington mortgages approvals are easy - most of the work is done on-line and by phone taking the red tape bureaucracy out of your mortgage approval process. You can apply on line and documents and signatures could be handled by email saving you the trouble of needless personal appointments. 

Have equity in your home? You get money fast for any reason.

Turned down by the banks? We're Burlington mortgage brokers with lenders that say YES.

We arrange 1st and interest only 2nd mortgages Burlington area to:

  • Pay off - eliminate credit card debts
  • Buy a new home or renovate one
  • Refinance your existing mortgage
  • Stop Power of Sale or Foreclosure
  • Pay out Consumer Proposal
  • Buy a new car
  • Put cash into your business
  • Business start-up
  • Tax or Mortgage arrears
  • Buy a second property and more

Axcess Burlington mortgages deals with banks, credit unions, mortgage and insurance companies as well as private lenders in Ontario.

If you have credit problems, visit bad credit debt help to read about this topic. But, if the banks turned you down for a mortgage - no problem. We have lenders that say YES. 

Clients often ask me about getting a second mortgage after a consumer proposal. The answer is YES you can, provided there is enough equity in your home. 

How does debt consolidation work?

Need to consolidate expensive debt but have credit problems? With the help of Burlington private mortgage lenders you'll improve your monthly cash flow and STOP CREDITORS' CALLS. We'll get you fast Hamilton home equity loan approvals, even if you have bad credit.

Why Use A Mortgage Broker For Burlington Home Equity Loan Approvals?

We work for you not the lenders, saving you time and money. Many call themselves mortgage brokers but they are NOT -- only few are properly qualified to give you that financial edge. 

Why not give me a call to assess your situation and get started getting you back on track - Marie Copeland FSU, broker working with private mortgage lenders Burlington and area.

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