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Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans


Credit card debt consolidation loans to get you lower monthly debt consolidation payments. If you have enough equity in your home you can cash out some of it, tax free, to consolidate debt into one low monthly payment. You deserve best credit card debt help and a credit card debt consolidation program whether you have good credit or need a bad credit score mortgage or 2nd mortgage lenders help.

It's about monthly debt consolidation loan payments

CREDIT-CARD-DEBT-CONSOLIDATION-LOANS.jpgGet low monthly payments with credit card debt consolidation loans.

The goal of credit card debt consolidation program is to consolidate your expensive credit card debts reducing your monthly payments to a lowest possible level. This will also bring you good changes in credit score ratings.

This study looks at $35,000 total debt problems, and:

  • changes in monthly debt consolidation loan payments
  • annual amount you pay now, and 
  • cash flow changes with different home equity loans you qualify for
  • AFTER best debt consolidation loans Canada strategies

High credit card repayment prior to credit card debt consolidation loans.jpgCredit card debt repayment BEFORE the credit card debt consolidation program.

Did you know that an average $35,000 credit card debt can cost you $12,600 a year ?

There are many reasons good people get in over their heads financially, car accidents, health problems, job loss, just to name a few.

A $35,000 credit card debt is not unusual -- sometimes it's already in credit card debt collection. If your situation has become out of control, bad consolidation credit help will give you relief and get you money fast.

Axcess Mortgage and Loans Financing Ltd. Co. is your home equity credit card debt consolidation company -- we love helping families get back on track financially. Why not contact us for home mortgage help and debt consolidation services. 

Credit card debt consolidation loans. savings are significant !

Let's say you're an "A" client with good credit, stable income and enough equity in your home to refinance your mortgage up to 80% -- you can get rid of this expensive credit card debt once and for all.

Consolidating credit card debt gives you a fresh start.jpgAxcess Mortgage and Loans Financing Co. Ltd. credit card debt consolidation loans based on interest rate of 3%. Interest rates are subject to change without notice.

Often refinance home equity mortgage at low interest rate is your best option.

Here, you have good credit and income. In this scenario we'll be refinancing your home mortgage to consolidate the $35,000 debt, even though there is still a couple of years left over in the term.

Imagine this situation:

  • $365,000 existing mortgage with two years to maturity - monthly payments $1,635;
  • $35,000 needing credit card debt consolidation loans;
  • $10,000 refinancing home mortgage penalty to break your existing mortgage ($10,000 is a large penalty possible if the existing fixed rate mortgage is relatively new - usually if your mortgage is in place 2.5 years or more the penalty should not be as large);
  • $410,000 new mortgage using an average rate of 3% - new monthly payments $1,725. Interest rates could be lower or higher at the time of refinancing home equity mortgage and this will cause an adjustment in your new monthly payments.

The new $410,000 mortgage includes a $10,000 penalty to break your mortgage plus the $35,000 credit card debt. 

  • $1,725 is the NEW monthly payment (after the penalty to break existing mortgage + credit card debt)
  • less $1,635 prior monthly mortgage payment (which did not include the penalty and the credit card debt)
  • resulting in only $90 additional monthly debt consolidation loan payments.

A hefty cost reduction from $12,600 to $1,080 a year.

Savings with second mortgage debt consolidation 

How to refinance your mortgage with 2nd mortgage lenders bad credit debt help.

2nd mortgage lenders play an important role in credit consolidation strategies. There are many reasons why a second mortgage debt consolidation program is a good fit -- the main being the significant savings in monthly payments, even if you have credit problems.

you'll save with debt consolidation loans for bad credit too

Save with second mortgage debt consolidation.jpgYou'll save with interest only second mortgage debt consolidation equity loan and improve your cash flow too.
  • Sometimes it's best to leave your first mortgage in place if your credit score average has dropped. Here the cost of refinancing your mortgage can be grater than adding debt consolidation for bad credit second mortgage home loans;
  • You have a long term low interest rate on your first mortgage that might be higher by refinancing home mortgage;
  • You have a short term financial emergency to resolve now but your first mortgage matures in a year when you'll consolidate both mortgages;
  • Banks turned you down for a mortgage and you need fast bad credit debt help from private mortgage lenders. This could be buying a second car or cashing out home equity for a lump sum settlement using a consumer proposal mortgage. In this case your best option are private lenders for people with bad credit. 

So here you have it. You too can enjoy low debt consolidation loan payments with credit card debt consolidation loans. Combine your expensive debt into one low monthly payment improving your cash flow and credit report score range.  

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If you're struggling with too much debt, don't delay!

You deserve a top credit card debt consolidation program even if you have bad credit.

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Banks and "A" Lenders pay us for your service. EXCEPT bad credit mortgages, some self employed mortgages, private mortgages or multi-use and commercial loans - broker fees are payable by clients. 

*Lenders change their products and interest rates without notice.

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