Credit card debt consolidation loans help

Do Credit card debt consolidation Loans save me money? YES.

Credit card debt consolidation loans get you lower monthly debt consolidation payments helping you save money on mortgage payments. If you have enough equity in your home, you can cash some out tax free, to consolidate debt into one low monthly payment.

It's about monthly debt consolidation loan payments

CREDIT-CARD-DEBT-CONSOLIDATION-LOANS.jpgGet low monthly payments with credit card debt consolidation loans.

Get me out of debt frustrated clients say. Sound familiar? You deserve the best credit card debt help and credit card debt consolidation Hamilton area or wherever you may be in Ontario.

As your debt consolidation in Hamilton mortgage brokers we work to help you keep your money in your pocket NOT the creditors.

The goal of a credit card debt consolidation program is to pay off several of your expensive credit card debts reducing your monthly payments to a lowest possible level, giving you credit card debt relief.

This will improve your household cash flow, bring good changes in your credit score rankings and save you money.


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Credit card debt consolidation Hamilton for Ontario

Get me out of debt you say? Let's take a look how to get out of debt Hamilton or province wide, with good credit, verifiable income and enough equity for mortgage refinancing Hamilton areas (and Ontario) to get debt relief. You'll pay off expensive debts once and for all and become credit card debt free. Savings are significant!

How to eliminate credit card debt

Debt help in hamilton for ontario

Let's look how to get out of debt Hamilton or Ontario wide working with a $35,000 credit card debt sample.


Did you know that an average $35,000 credit card debt can cost you $12,600 a year ?

There are many reasons good people get in over their heads financially, car accidents, health problems, job loss, just to name a few.

A $35,000 credit card debt is not unusual -- sometimes it's already in credit card debt collection. If your situation is becoming out of control, don't wait. Consider best ways to pay off debt and how to become debt free, getting debt relief Hamilton or Ontario wide.

      Before debt help in hamilton     

  • $1,728 month = $365,000 mortgage 
  • $1,050 month = $  35,000 credit cards
  •                           $    5,000 penalty
  • $2,778 month   $405,000 total debt

($365,000 exiting mortgage is @ 3% sample interest rate @ 25 year amortization.)

    AFTER debt consolidation hamilton   

  • $1,788 a month = NEW $425,000 mortgage and credit card debt consolidation loan payment
  • Debt gone. You'll get credit card debt relief in Hamilton for Ontario. You save on monthly payments.

($425,000 NEW loans for debt consolidation @ 3% sample interest rate @ 30 year amortization.)

$990 monthly saving x 12 = $11,880 in a year. Money in your pocket NOT the creditors.

* Interest rate in the example above is for illustration only and does not represent actual interest rates. The example demonstrates how you can save money on mortgage payments with loans for debt consolidation. 

How refinance home equity mortgage can offer benefits.

The credit card debt solution to consolidate a $35,000 debt by refinancing a home mortgage in this example, saves money even with a penalty to break the mortgage. Take a look:

  • $365,000 existing mortgage with over a year to maturity - monthly payments $1,728 at 25 year amortization;
  • $35,000 home equity credit card debt consolidation loans are needed to eliminate credit card debt;
  • $5,000+/- possible refinancing home mortgage penalty may apply to break the existing mortgage;
  • $425,000 estimated new mortgage loans for debt consolidation using same sample interest rate of 3% but increasing to 30 years maximum amortization period in Canada. The new mortgage was increased by $20,000 giving a little extra help for homeowners to buy out their car lease. 
  • New monthly payment of $1,788 only adds $60 to debt consolidation loan payments.

you'll save with loans for debt consolidation too

So here you have it. You can enjoy low debt consolidation loan payments with credit card debt consolidation loans. Combine your expensive debt into one low monthly payment improving your cash flow and credit report score range and SAVE!

But what if you have credit problems? 

Marie Copeland, FSU mortgage broker in Hamilton serving Ontario. Let me show you how debt consolidation Hamilton or debt consolidation services in Burlington, Oakville, Toronto to Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, St. Catharines to Niagara Falls areas can give you debt relief.

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*Lenders change their products and interest rates regularly and without notice. Check with us for updates.

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