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Secured Credit Card

Secured credit card is the best way to rebuild credit. It helps you get the credit you deserve and get back on track financially, fast.

you too deserve good credit

You can build or re-build and improve credit score even if you've had bad credit, consumer proposal or a bankruptcy in the past. If you don't have a credit card you need one to establish credit rating.

While you are rebuilding your credit, you may want to take a look how private mortgage lenders can be of help.

secured-credit-card.jpgSecured credit card will help you get the credit you deserve and get back on track financially, fast.
With a secured credit card you can build or rebuild your credit rating.jpg

You can put down as little as $500 or as much as $10,000 to get the credit card.

You can increase the limit on your card by sending additional funds (personal or personal certified cheque, money order or bank draft) drawn on a Canadian Financial Institution to Visa and clearly indicating that you are requesting a credit limit increase.

With your new Visa credit card, you can:

  • Rent a car. Make purchases over the phone or internet. Plan and go on a vacation. Reserve a hotel room. Access cash anytime, anywhere from over 1 million ATMs around the world displaying the Visa logo.
  • Everything's easier with a Home Trust Secured Visa Card!

This is an excellent way to establish or re-establish your credit and almost everyone is approved.

Secured Visa Card No Fee Application

Right-click to download your Secured Visa NO Fee Application


Right-click to download your Secured Visa With Fee Application

Print and complete your Visa application. Make sure you attach your security cheque and all documents needed together with your application. Mail to the address shown lower on this page.

Secured Credit Card Checklist

Right-click to download the Secured Visa Checklist

How the secured credit card works

This credit card requires a security deposit – the amount of your deposit sets your credit limit.

You can put down as little as $500, or as much as $10,000 to get the credit card.

A year or two later if you manage your credit properly, your credit will re-establish and you can get a regular credit card.

At that time all you have to do is pay off your outstanding balance and you’ll get your security deposit back.

Application process is simple. Almost everyone is approved.

If for some reason your application is declined, your security deposit will be returned.

Complete your application and mail together with a personal certified cheque, money order or a bank draft from a Canadian Financial Institution payable to “ Home Trust Company” to:

Home Trust Company

145 King St. West, Suite 2300 | Toronto, ON | M5H 1J8

Attn: Visa Department

  • Include copy of your ID’s with your application. Here is a list of acceptable ID’s:
  • Current Provincial Driver’s License
  • Canadian Passport or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Health Card is NOT an acceptable form of ID.


  • Visa will not accept cash, Western Union or postal money orders for your security deposit.
  • Visa will not accept faxed applications – it must be MAILED ONLY.

Online Security

Immediately after receiving your Home Trust Secured Visa card, be sure to register your card with Verified by Visa – this will give you more protection against unauthorized use of your Visa card for online purchases.

Visa Online

You can manage your visa account easily and securely – from anywhere – anytime 24/7.

You can:

  • get your balance
  • view transactions, and
  • make account payments online.

It's fast, easy and convenient.

Purchase Security

Most items purchased with your Visa are protected against theft or damage for 90 days from the date of purchase.

What if you decide to cancel your secured Visa card?

If you decide to cancel your secured credit card, you can just pay off your outstanding balance, and you'll get your security deposit back from Home Trust. And, Home Trust is a Member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) (1-800-461-2342).


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