3 low mortgage payments Choices

low mortgage payments options - We believe you deserve a choice

Low mortgage payments give you flexibility. Depending on your credit, income and available home equity these loans are offered up to 80% of home value. Here is more home mortgage loan information about equity home buyer loans or refinance a home mortgage tips.

3 Ways to getting lower monthly payments

How to lower mortgage payment with a private loan for bad credit? Click here to read how to save money on mortgage payments with hard money loans for bad credit with interest only payments. Read how a home owner with large equity, searching for second mortgage Burlington, saves a whopping $32,040 in one years with a No payments for 12 months second mortgage home equity loan.

Getting low mortgage payments can be an attractive option. Here is how to get lower monthly payments for your mortgage term:

  • Extending the amortization period to 30 years,
  • Getting a mortgage with interest only payments for borrowers with good credit and stable income,
  • Getting short-term private mortgages in Ontario with interest only payments.

What is the longest amortization in ontario?

Increasing your amortization from 25 to 30 years gets you a lower monthly payment on your mortgage. The longest amortization in Ontario is 30 years for home equity mortgage loan which gets you low mortgage payments. Here is a mortgage tip:

  • Home owners with good credit got turned down for a mortgage by their bank. They reached us by searching for a mortgage broker Niagara area. They are negotiating a home purchase offer and are just a bit short on income to qualify for mortgage amount needed. This is because banks and most alternative mortgage lenders are required to add a 2% stress test to the qualifying interest rate.

Home loans with bad credit Hamilton and Ontario and all home equity mortgage loans alternative mortgage financing with 20% equity offer 30 year amortization.

interest only payment mortgage offers benefits

With this type of real estate financing you only make interest payments during the term– this means you are not repaying the principal on the mortgage like a traditional amortizing mortgage. Since you are only making interest payments, your monthly payment will be lower, giving you flexibility with your household cash flow.

*Here is an example how low mortgage payments work when the interest rate stays the same (comparing apples to apples):

     $400,000 Regular Mortgage    

25 year amortization

5.5% interest rate

$2,442 monthly mortgage payment

$400,000 Low Mortgage Payments

Interest only payments

5.5% interest rate

$2,256 monthly mortgage payment

     You Get Extra $ Cash Flow    

You save extra $186 a month, improving your monthly cash flow.

*This example is for demonstration purposes only.

Who benefits from the interest only payments mortgage up to 80% ?

Who benefits from an interest only payments mortgage? Here are examples:

1)  Homeowners carrying additional debt who will use these savings offered by lower monthly payment to pay down debt faster.

  • Jane and Jon are negotiating a home purchase offer in Grimsby. Their credit and income are excellent and they easily qualify for mortgage amount needed but are carrying $60,000 in additional loans with 8% - 12% in interest. Getting an interest only payments mortgage at prime plus .05% - 1% gives them lower monthly payments. With the money they are saving they will be making larger monthly payments on their more expensive debt with a plan to pay off the loans in 5 years or less.

2)  Borrowers with good annual income which is cyclical. They have more income at certain times of the year and want to use their 10% or 20% prepayment mortgage options to make up for lower monthly payments during their slow times by making annual lump sum payments on their mortgage,

  • Greg works in construction and while his annual income is substantial, it fluctuates at various times of the year based on the season and amount of work available. He needs a mortgage broker Stoney Creek area to help him get an interest only payments mortgage. He gets a mortgage with 20% annual prepayment privilege. During his busy season when he makes most of his money, he will make extra lump sum payments into his mortgage to lower the principal amount owing - during the periods when his income is lower, he will have the benefit of lower mortgage payments.

3)  Interest only payments suit borrowers with goals to improve wealth over the longer term by putting this extra cash into better investment opportunities, rather than repaying the principal on their mortgage.

You may be a homeowner who prefers lower monthly payments to free up some cash flow to save for home renovations, improving your property values... the possibilities are endless.

And what if you have credit problems?

When everyone has turned you down for a mortgage, click on private real estate loans Hamilton for interest only payments options. Private hard money lenders Ontario offer short term poor credit score home loans with 1 year terms to give you time to resolve your credit problems and rebuild financially.

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