Let me give you few Credit Report Score Tips
To improve your credit score ratings

You too can reach the top of credit report score range

Clients often ask me for credit report score tips. The first thing I do to answer their mortgage questions is pull their credit and look for errors. You too, should check this information annually with credit score companies to make sure there is no errors.

Basic credit report score tips 

credit-report-score-tips.jpgCredit agencies compile your credit information.

I have seen all kinds of serious mistakes even other people's bad debt loans and bad credit card debts attached to clients' credit bureau.

Let's take a look at a few credit report score tips to help you build a strong credit history. Good credit score range has its perks; the biggest is the easy access to affordable financing.

Protecting your credit score identity can take a little time and work but the benefits are worth the effort.

Credit reports and scores

Credit reports and scores contain information that lenders analyze to determine your credit worthiness. Everything that happens with you -- your credit card problems, credit card debt collection, credit card debt consolidation loans, debt settlement programs good and bad ones, leave a footprint for up to six years and affect your credit reports and scores.

Know who are dealing with. If you are using services that will require you to provide your credit score identity, protect yourself. Do a google search to make sure there are no ongoing negative coverage and consumer complaints on that individual or company. For example, mortgage broker Canada or realtors, require us to be licensed by our provincial authority. You can go onto the government sites to check for complaints and disciplinary action against us. If you find serious problems over and over again, don't walk -- run. You can find more information and links by reading about mortgage broker on this website.

Get my credit score -- what is my credit score

Get my credit score and tell me what damages my credit reports and scores: what is my credit score, are the top questions clients ask me.

Each situation is unique and needs to be assessed individually. But here are some general credit report score tips that will help.

Do you have credit cards? I hope so. In a large part, credit agencies calculate credit score on the performance of your revolving credit, your credit cards. If you don't have a credit card, you will likely need to get a secured visa or master card.

  • If you have credit cards, any late payments will set you back -- 2 months in arrears on just one credit card can cost you up to 2 years from getting best mortgage deals;
  • Be careful who is pulling your credit - you'll lose points with each inquiry. Banks are notorious for this. Once they have your signature on their fine print, they will pull your credit over and over again to gather information about you. They share your information with all their affiliates -- credit cards, investment houses, and others soliciting your business;
  • A signed consent form is required to pull your credit -- It's another biggie on the list credit report score tips -  beware when you sign those retail store promo forms, there is always a consent clause hidden in the small print. Once they have your consent they are off to the races mining information about you. So don't do it often, it's not worth it;
  • Unlike the banks, we only pull your credit once and if for some reason the first lender turns you down for a mortgage, your application is redirected to other lenders with the original credit report attached -- your credit is protected;
  • Using private mortgage lenders and interest only 2nd mortgage is a good short term mortgage strategy until your credit rebuilds -- this has helped numerous good people to get back on track;
  • If your debt has been placed into collection and you're disputing charges, pay the debt first and then dispute. Every month your debt is in collection your credit is going down the tubes. It takes a long time to rebuild credit and in the meantime you will not be able to get affordable financing;
  • Monitoring your credit annually is one of my big credit report score tips !

Marie Copeland FSU, Bad Credit Mortgage Hamilton Ontario

Top to Credit Report Score Tips

*Lenders change their products and interest rates regularly and without notice. Always check for lender updates.

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