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How to qualify for mortgage financing ?

"What is needed to qualify for mortgage in Hamilton Ont?" visitor asks.

Whether you are a Hamilton house buyer or you need home mortgage help Ontario wide, including along the Toronto, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, St Catharines to Niagara Falls corridor or going west through Ancaster, Brantford, Waterloo way  -- we serve clients throughout Ontario.

New mortgage features and options are being introduced every day so submit your application so that we can give you expert home mortgage help. 

There is no need for you to struggle through volumes of details, trying to understand all the qualifying requirements - the different offers, rates, terms, features and hype.

Qualify for mortgage tips

When you have good credit - good income, you will likely qualify for an insured low down payment mortgage at 5% down mortgage loans to buy a home.

We'll make it fast and easy for you to qualify for mortgage but first you'll want a documented mortgage preapproval for your home purchase loan.

With good credit and income lenders consider you an AAA client and you qualify with best mortgage lenders with low down payment, best interest rates a terms offered by the mortgage market.

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Getting you a documented pre approval

When you qualify for an insured a low down payment mortgage or a AAA conventional mortgage to purchase a home, we will get you a pre approval document locking in your interest rate. 

The lenders providing alternative financing for home purchase with 20% down using a home equity mortgage loan do not issue a pre-approval document. As mortgage brokers Canada, we know who these lenders are and how to custom fit your application for approval -- we will package your application correctly giving you a best chance of a fast approval.

Here is what happens when we receive your application:

  • With your written consent, we'll pull your credit to verify your expenses and confirm that there are no derogatory issues attached to your name.
  • You will provide us with proof of employment and income verification, and if you're buying a home, a Listing and an Offer to Purchase outlining all the Conditions.
  • If you are salaried and past probationary period, we'll use all of your income to qualify. If you earn salary plus bonus, hourly, commissioned, hourly plus overtime -- we will need 2 years of your CRA Notice of Assessment. This is needed to average both years' revenues to come up with your annual income that can be used to qualify. If your income is hourly, we will use a 2 year average of your tax return income.

How to qualify for mortgage if this is your first time home owners loan?

You get a bit of extra attention needed to help you make the right decisions. Click here to read first time home buyer information and first time home buyer tips.

If you have good credit and income and qualify for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporations insured mortgage, keep an eye on first time home buyer incentives. Click here to read another first time home owner loan article.

Regardless, you qualify for few extras such as up to $4,000 land transfer tax reduction and you can use up to $35,000 of your RSP's for down payment. 

What if You're self employed no proof of income on your tax returns

Unless your self employment income can be verified you will need a minimum 20% down payment. The no income verification mortgages provide various custom fit self-employed loans no proof income solutions.

In some cases, if the property is rural, in small townships, not winterized for year round use, without municipal services or there are other affecting issues, the lender may require as much as 35% down payment.

In these situations we may be able to top up your shortfall with an interest only second mortgage. Qualifying for a second mortgage is different than institutional mortgages and the best thing to do is to submit an application and call us for home mortgage loan information and discuss your options. Click here to learn what is a second mortgage.

There are several self employed mortgage categories that are designed to help self employed business owners. Each situation is unique and has to be custom fit to satisfy the lenders' policies.

How to qualify for mortgage when you need bad credit loans hamilton ontario

Even if you have bad credit you have come to the right place. There are many reasons why good people get themselves over their head financially -- we feel you deserve another chance. By taking your application and verifying documents we can put together a correct bad credit score mortgage strategy that's a fit just for you. 

In these situations, we look for opportunities to rebuild your credit and give you a fresh start. This may include a short term fix such as private bad credit lenders help.

Marie Copeland FSU, Hamilton Mortgage Broker

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*Lenders change their products and interest rates regularly and without notice. Check with us for updates.

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