Here are 3 self employed mortgage tips to Get 
best loans for small business owners

To start with, Getting a self employed mortgage for small business owners in ontario can be a bit of a challenge

Getting self employed mortgage loans can be frustrating for small business owners in Ontario. Most go to their bank just to get turned down for a mortgage. Banks only want you if you have good credit and solid income history on your tax returns (2 years income average) -- often, this is not a reality for many small business owners.

Walking in the shoes of self employed small business owners... read more about mortgages for self employed

We get it, we are walking in your shoes also. As mortgage broker for business owners I am self employed too and I too had to qualify for a business owner mortgage loan.

I cope with similar challenges as you do and understand that your situation is unique.

You deserve lenders offering common sense mortgages for self employed options. We know who these lenders are.

Today alternative mortgage lenders have become experts in common sense business owner mortgage loan solutions. Click here to read about no income verification mortgage to get a better understanding.

As you can see, the banks have no appetite for this type of business. But, through mortgage broker Canada professionals you can benefit from numerous custom fit self employed mortgages for both owner occupied and rental properties. 

Don't Worry. getting you a home loan for self employed is our thing!

Here is home mortgage information and 3 mortgage tips to help you benefit from home loans for self employed:

  • Up to 80% for mortgage refinancing in Hamilton and surrounding regions and throughout Ontario.
  1. Hamilton Ontario sits smack in the middle of the Toronto, Oakville, Burlington to Grimsby, St Catharines, Niagara corridor. This extends west towards Brantford to Kitchener Waterloo areas. With Toronto home prices becoming out of reach for many, we are seeing strong home buyer migration from Toronto to the smaller communities, driving our property values to new levels. 
  2. Alternative mortgage financing is an ideal mortgage refinance for self employed when you cannot prove enough income on your CRA tax returns. In the self-employed loans no proof of income category, lenders rely on your business bank records, using a percentage of your income deposits and expenses to qualify for a mortgage. What does that mean for independent business owners? The stronger your business bank deposits combined with strong property values, the more tax free equity you can cash out to use as you need. Click this link to read more how to refinance home mortgage to save.
  3. The most common use of home equity refinancing is finding best and least expensive ways to pay off debt and save money. To learn how to become debt free, click this link and read how to consolidate debt.  
  4. With property values at record high, self employed homeowners are often evaluating home refinance vs home purchase options. You may be leaning towards a home improvement loan in Hamilton - Niagara - Toronto areas to get help with repairs, improving your home instead of selling and moving. Mortgage refinancing in Hamilton and southwestern Ontario provide you with most cost effective home repair loans options.

Private mortgage lenders help when everyone else said NO... read here about private real estate loans

Private mortgage lenders Ontario will fund loans for self employed with no proof of income when you have credit problems and everyone has turned you down for a mortgage. But there are many other good reasons why private hard money lenders can be a good short term fit. As long as you have equity in your home and ability to make payments private mortgage lenders say YES.

Qualifying for a second mortgage is a viable mortgage refinance for self employed solution, if institutional refinancing your home mortgage is not an option. For mortgage tips how to save getting a private second mortgage, click on interest only second mortgage Hamilton, Burlington, Port Colborne, St Catharines, Brantford or wherever in Ontario you may be.

NO need for you to waste time going from bank to bank

There are several custom alternative mortgage financing options available to small business owners through our network of lenders – from a home purchase mortgage to home mortgage loan refinance.

NO need for you to waste your valuable time going from bank to bank looking for a self employed mortgage - banks have no appetite for this type of financing. As a private mortgage broker we work for you not the big banks to get you the best mortgages for business owners that fit your application.

We’ll do all the work – all you do is provide us with documents needed.

Marie Copeland FSU, giving you home mortgage loan information to make a right decision.

Each self employed mortgage is unique and needs a right assessment. Submit your mortgage approval request and we will put our knowledge and experience to work getting you the best business owner mortgage loan.

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*Lenders change their products and interest rates regularly and without notice. Always check for lender updates.

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